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Take advantage of this awesome opportunity!!! Become a Student Reporter at
TO Qualify:
1. Be a student currently between 100 and 300 level.
2. Send in a creative 350 word article about your school to Include your Name, School, Department and Level.
3. Be up to date with current happenings in your school.
4. Can work without supervision, with above average investigative ability.
5. Be tech savvy, loves buzz and influential.
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hi am. trying. my best. to be on pass

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We are happy to announce to our esteemed current and intending customers that our awesome e-testing platform Pass.Ng can now be assessed and used regardless of what network you are on. This is comi…
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Okay, Kindly try again as you were probably experiencing a network issue
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Prepared by Isaac. A. Olaoye

Answer the following questions :
1. Mrs. Kemi Solade died of
A. cancer B. shock C. ovarian cancer D. hypertension

2. ________is the principal of Sy. Catherine School
A. Mr Mallum B. Mrs Obanje C. Mr Vann D. Mr Tade

3. Efua can be described as
A. arrogant B. liar B. unfortunate and victim of circumstances D. spoilt child

4. ______ is fond of Jimi and called him by his full name Akinjimi
A. Risikat B. Mama Silifat C. Funmi D. Aunt Moni

5. ______ violated and intimately harassed Efua
A. Jimi Solade B. Jolly Stephens C. Efua’s stepfather D. Ansa Izaegbegbe

6. _____ is nicknamed cane by the student
A. Mr Bade B. Mr Vann C. Miss Agbenenovi D. Mr. Mallum

7. The rhymers are 
A. the choir of St. Catherine School B. Jimi, Ansa and Nene C. group of five boys at Forcados high school D. Some girls at Forcados High School

8. Why did the Principal of Forcados High School choose to reinvestigate the theft of the laboratory equipment?
A. He knows Jimi Solade couldn’t do such things
B. He knows some bad gangs must have influenced Jimi Solade
C. Efua challenge at him during Jimi’s public apology
D. intervention of uncle Kazeem

9. _________ arrived from United Kingdom for the burial of Kemi
A. Femi B. Wole C. Uncle Kazeem D. Aunt Memunat

10. One of these suffered from child abuse
A. Wole Solade B. Jolly Stephens C. Efua Coker D. Ansa Izaegbegbe

11. Mr Vann is the 
A. Mathemaatics Teacher B. English teacher C. Chemistry teacher D. Physics teacher

12. Funmi’s reason for remarry is
A. for better life B. to have a man assist her in upbringing her only daughter C. to have more assistance D. for financial assistance

13. Unlike Jimi, Efua is
A. not close to her mother B. is good in all subject C. close to her mother D. none

14. The principal of Forcados high school is
A. Mrs Obanje B. Mr Mallum C. Mr Vann D. Mr Salami

15. According to the principal Miss. Agbenenovi is to occasionally fill in for
A. Mr Mallum B. Mr Bade C. Mr Mallum D. Mr Salami

16. Efua’s attitude to people must have been influenced by
A. lack of motherly trust B. lack of motherly attention C. memory of intimate harassment and violation D. all of the above

17. One of these do not attend the same primary school with with Jimi Solade
A. Nene Ekpo B. Jolly Stephens C. Efua Coker D. Ansa Izaegbegbe

18. _____ is the head boy of Forcados High School
A. Seyi Lawal B. Jimi Solade C. Ansa Izaegbegbe D. Jolly Stephens

19. _____ has unspoken contest will Jimi over chemistry result
A. Ansa B. Seyi C. Eze D. Jolly

20. Aunti Moni is
A. Mrs Solade B. Mrs Alli C. Mrs Ekpo D. Mrs. Izaegbegbe

21. Efua’s was expelled from St. Catherine School because
A. she ran away from school without notice B. her defiant reply to the principal C. she perform woefully at the last exam D. she is sick

22. Ansa wants to study 
A. Electrical Engineering B. Architecture C. Medicine D. Fine art

23. ________ photocopy Efua’s letter to Miss, Novi and circulate it in the school
A. Nene Ekpo B. Jolly Stephens C. Ansa Izaegbegbe D. Seyi Lawal

24. Efua danced with _______ at Mid-term dinner of Forcados high School
A. Jolly B. Jide C. Jimi D. Ansa

25. Efua shared her life experience with
A. Nene Ekpo B. Mrs Tanimoro, the guidance counsellor C. Mr Mallum D. Mrs Ekpo

26. The head girl of Forcados high school is
A. Efua B. Nene C. Ada D. Caro 

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Visit for more questions and test. helps students prepare for Nigeria's most important admission examination, JAMB among others. With, you have the tools you need to practice and pass any test.
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2 Av Peace Is Beta Dan Aving Monie, Isn't It?
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I downloaded d app. but after installation I can't access d app again pls help
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May this New year brings you the long lasting Happiness and Success.
A great new start that make you and your dears happy and Joyful.
Seasons greetings from all of us at
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i have subscribe with mtn weekly what are my going to do next 
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pass your exams in one sitting, smile forever.
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Happy holidays from all of us here!!
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Hello Anthony,

It possible you are experiencing a network issue. Kindly contact us via mail Thanks
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Discover the 12 Secrets of how to pass Mathematics /maθ(ə)ˈmatɪks/:
Introduction: Whether we realize it or not, #Mathematics has become part of our daily life, therefore why should students find it so difficult?
The problems and thoughts people have could be that: Mathematics is hard, I’ve had bad teachers, What is Mathematics used for?
The 12 secrets revealed below will help to pass mathematics and overcome the fear therein.
(1) Never see Mathematics as a Magic.
When you solve questions with the required method and the right steps(algorithms) to get the desired result, it will never be a magic. Mathematics has a lot in common with activities that require following the basic principles. It also deals with exploring: discovering new things, even things you could never have imagined you would find.
(2) Stop associating Mathematics with math teachers.
Many people are truamatized with the attitude or ability of poor math teachers  and this has had a negative influence on them in school. If you are really interested in getting good with math, I suggest that you start with a good and “simplified-syllabused” textbook that enhances you teaching yourself. Try to find a book where the author treats you as the intelligent, independent person you are, not as someone who has to take a course for a degree requirement.
(3) Pay attention to your teacher.
If you are in a fast paced math class, you will probably only be taught a concept once and move on. This means that if you don’t pay proper attention, you have just missed your one chance to learn it. Proper attention will help you to understand to the extent that you will be able to make good or “killer” notes even after the class.                    (4) Never see Mathematics as “Problems”. Rather take questions as “Exercises” that is set to make the brain fitter and more refreshed. It is quite Unfortunately, most people, including mathematicians, have a bad habit of calling things “problems” when they’re not really problems at all. Most people have to study math for a long time before they can tackle actual mathematical “problems”. The advantage is that answers to calcations are principled and are not subject to change overtime like other science subjects where new theories are emerging.
(5) Talk to your teacher when you don’t understand something.
A math class should be interactive enough to help you remember the discussions you had with your teacher. Ask questions from your discussions, make sure you understand the teacher’s response and avoid being absent minded from the beginning till the end of the class. It is also important to find a friendly person who you can share your ideas with to show that you are not forgetful
(6) Do your classwork and homework –
always follow the required instructions. This will help you understand the concepts more clearly. Your classwork and your homework will probably be the medium to practice what you just learned, so you need to make sure you are dedicated to every test from your teacher.
(7) Learn the terminology.
Knowing what is asked of you helps to solve half of the problem. Math has its own language (factorize, simplify, solve, expand, etc.). Becoming used to these will really help you get better. Identify key words in the question to ascertain what you need to find out. Attempting past exam papers will give you a feel of what to expect.
 (8) Show all your workings.
In most cases, your teachers are particular not only about what your answer is but about how good are the workings that you show. Many will only give partial marks for the correct answer, the rest must be earned by showing your workings correctly.
(9) Always Prepare well for classes to ensure that you have an insight of what is expected.
Pre-read each chapter and attempt to pre-do the exercises and solve the problems the day before they will be taught for you to have extra traction. However, before the new semester classes start, get your reading materials and start studying. By the time classes start, you will have a solid handle on the subject. With this, you would not want to avoid an impromptu test and would have practiced well on how to show good workings as earlier mentioned. Practice makes perfect in this regard.
(10) Review new concepts, processes, terminology, Math tables (if any) and all that you need.
Study the Maths theory. Maths theory is how to understand and do thought processes, starting with the simplest things. To do this, you can: Look at the textbook; This is the ‘basic method’, unless you make good notes. Look at the notes. This is only a ‘valid option’ provided you take good (killer) notes. If you, in some strange space-time paradox, take good notes and still fail math tests, then you should improve your notes (assuming the Teacher/Lecturer covered the topic). They’re usually faster and easier to learn from than your textbooks.
(11) Be time conscious to know how to use the whole time allotted for the Math test.
Study the questions carefully then start answering all of the questions you can do more quickly, even if you find nothing that seems to stand out for finishing the other questions you didn’t get at first. Mark a small “x” next to your doubtful work results, to check later. Go through your work again, erasing any tiny “x” that you can, repeating this elimination process until you come to a standstill.
(12) Take your Math scores to the next level.
By ensuring that you get all of your homework, Tests and Exams done as prescribed and by redoing the works (base on your instructor’s correction) until it is all correct and then giving it another go. You need to constantly practice the corrections in other to take yourself  to the next level.
It is important to study hard and studying Mathematics will be of great joy in a conducive atmosphere that is devoid of noise and distractions of any sort which may be from hunger, thirst etc. The studying should become pleasure, something you actually like doing, so it doesn’t seem hard at all. On this note if you ever find yourself fed up or tired of doing Math exercises, you are not studying Math right. Like anything else, you will learn best when you are having fun. Take your time, be attentive, never entertain any fear, relax your mind to whatever extent the textbook(your companion) allows, and have some fun.

Read more articles on
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please are the list of collated winner announced
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Keep calm and prepare for 2015 JAMB on #StayCalm #JAMB #UTME #Exams
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guys u get it do more
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It's been interesting launch in 2014, thanks for all your support.
2015 is another year to get things right and better.

Wishing you a great 2015!
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