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So here is the low down on PAC MM, we've got the good news and the bad news but let's just start with the good for now :)

First off, we're happy to say that PAC MM is now made public through our BasketBuild and other alternative download sources through the PAC-ROM Community Page. Now before you guys start asking us, oh my god where are all the features IT JUST LOOKS LIKE CM HALPS US!?!?! Well we will get to that much later, however, for now we've removed the banner on all PAC MM builds so sharing builds from today onwards is allowed.

However, here is the bad news :( we originally planned to switch to AOSP for Marshmallow but we had some issues. We didn't have enough manpower to work on it properly, most of our core devs got really busy with their work IRL and some of our maintainers had issues with their device bring ups. For this reason, we decided to switch back to CM for Marshmallow. A lot of you have been asking us every day and it's great to see the enthusiasm within the community about the ROM! We're growing so fast and it's putting a huge smile on all our faces and giving us the support we need to keep on building PAC.

Earlier we mentioned about the features, now a lot of us have decided and the core dev team for PAC have made the official decision to code freeze features for PAC MM and focus all development for PAC N (N is unannounced), with this in mind if people want US to put in features to MM we'll be providing a Feature Request link or a tab on the G+ and Facebook pages to ensure that people can tell us what they want to see in MM. However, do note that we will NOT be porting everything from PAC Loolipop.

With this in mind, on behalf of the whole dev team and the maintainers it's been one hell of a ride and we're so excited to show you what we have in store for PAC. Oh and before we forget yes we're listening to your opinions and suggestions on what PAC needs so know that you, the community come first before anyone else.

Thank you for such an amazing ride!

Lokesh, Jaaga, Aaron and the team.
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Thanks guys you rock even the first build includes things i have never seen before... For me the must in current builds is the navbar... Its too plain simple... +PAC-ROM​ thats a great way to handle users!
Can I still get pac man for lollipop? 
+Don Felipe
That depends. I'm running PAC LP now (my primary ROM on LG G3) and can reinstall it if need be 'cause I have a habit of holding onto downloads. The archivist in me I guess. Good thing as it's not available to download now.

Anyway, if there was an LP build for your device in the past, via an XDA thread for instance, check said thread and see if its download links are still valid. Sometimes you get lucky.
Some users like to hold onto things and might have what you want also.
Of course, mentioning your device would be good.
I really don't have the time to trawl through thousands of posts on +xda-developers​ forum 😦 ain't there a link here? 
So is it fair to assume that jflteatt will be getting PAC MM builds since CM has been releasing MM nightly builds for it? I won't ask when I just want to know if it will happen at some point. Thanks in advance.
I can say yes. Because I will be doing a jfltecri, and I can also build a jflteatt too, yes sir. Positive.
where to post feature request? Halo Floating Mode is all I want in the world of phablets. reaching notification is just a pain..
just wanted to say thanks for the hard work! really appreciate you guys putting in the effort to make a swell rom
+Lokesh Chamane​ OK So We Will Have A Bacon Build At Least ...... Waiting For It From Such A Long Time 😅😅😅😃😃
Are you/we still planning to rebase to AOSP either with N, or a future version, or has the it been decided to just stay with CM? (I apologize in advance if this is asked and answered, I haven't seen the answer posted anywhere.)
OK, thanks!! I'm not overly experienced, but I do have a decent amount of free time, so if there is any way that I could help, please let me know!!
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