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Aaaargh matey, +xdadevelopers​ safe harboring pirates.
Here's the story of how XDA protected a thief because he generated some traffic and possibly connected to a famous custom ROM

This thief is no other than XDA TV producer and RC rirozizo

Few days ago, he was caught in multiple videos showcasing notorious apps used for ripping off hard working developers such as aptoide and lucky patcher

If you don't know what Aptoide and Lucky Patcher are, a quick google search will show you exactly what they are


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=osFZXaARdfI&feature=youtu.be&t=1m5 4s


I posted things here to let people know and maybe he would be a human being and feel bad and take down his videos, apologize and start doing things right again.

NO, +rirozizo instead reshared my posts and said "ignorance is bliss" on both posts. 

I went into one of reshares and began telling him that he was a piece of shit for ripping off developers. He quickly denied using these apps and tired to play stupid. 

After I did a few other members of the Open Source community went in and questioned him and after denying it once again, he finally admitted it. He said that he lived in some shit hole country blah blah blah and supposedly that's why he stealing apps.

I took this to XDA because he had admitted fault and I believed this would definitely force XDA to take action and strip this theif of his titles, boy was I wrong.

My thought was "why would XDA want a thief as a XDA producer and even a RC". I figured this would be a clear cut report.

So I reported this thief as you can see in the link below......

After some talking to some people around the community while I waited for XDA to "talk", I found the dude is affiliated with famous custom ROM, Slim ROMs
My thought again is, why would a famous ROM that's done so much good in the community want to be associated with someone like this?

This shit doesn't add up so I started digging deeper. Turns out that he's nothing more than a IRC babysitter. 

"As Slim's main IRC user support"

I started looking at his twitter and I see him telling someone that this entire thing was sorted 

"It's already sorted."

So it was at this time that I hit up a moderator and ask what was going on because this dude is bragging that he got off. Clearly I'm like WTF, there must be a mistake.....no way is XDA going to let someone off that has ripped off developers.

I mean, after all XDA is the site that claims to be "for developers, by developers" right? Is THE developer site or say they claim......

Anyways, I hear from the moderator and they tell me

"Not all.. This is not done and over nor is the report closed (you would have received a PM with a closing statement in reference to the report). I'm not sure what's given him the impression as you say, that it's over but I and the other SM are currently discussing this situation."

So I'm like OK, I was afraid he was going to get a slap in the wrist unlike every thief that's ever been banned on XDA. I had thought there's still some hope and XDA might not fuck this up. They may tackle this pirate and keep the interest of developers in mind.

So I wait a bit, go do some things with crowdin and bullshit a bit on Slack with some of my peoples.

Check XDA and I another PM. I'm thinking "cool, they finally see what I see and this is the PM telling me that they took care of it"


I get this reply from the moderator I spoke to earlier.....

"This situation has been addressed, and the member has been informed to be more cognizant of what he provides to the public, while representing XDA. It is not our job to police the personal use of his device nor his off-site activities. However, being a recognized member of this site, he should not be alluding to the fact that he supports it himself (on XDA). The videos as you know, were not done in an effort to promote warez and is nothing more than a poor oversight on his part.

Should this type of situation ever happen again on XDA, please report it so that further action can be taken."

They tell me that it was "poor oversight on his part". That XDA was OK with the shit and that the only thing that he regrets is being caught.

As you can see, the thief is still an RC
http://forum.xda-developers.com/member.php?u=2722834 and still making videos for XDA as a XDA TV producer

Moral of the story

You can steal from developers, get caught and as long as you're bringing in traffic for them, you can get away with it. XDA won't treat you the same way they treat people that don't bring in traffic.

All these rules have an asterisk next to them. There's double standards and it all depends on who you are.

+rirozizo admitted to stealing apps. I went thru the proper channels and reported this and +xda-developers still did nothing! He kept his titles and probably took to the Slim IRC to laugh at how he got away with shit..........
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+Alex Cruz ​​further evidence that the xda sucks you posted about the mess they made with you, then look what she covers up! #fuckxda
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