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Pål Heick
Full of ideas and dreams. Striving to realize them.
Full of ideas and dreams. Striving to realize them.

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This guy is good at visualising data.
Sad cause for this particular piece , though. 

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Good examples of applied micro formats and rich text snippets. 
If you do SEO, you should read the conclusion to this page. It's really good. 

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God artikel om password-sikkerhed - flere perspektiver og konkrete overvejsler. 

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Ad density is quite high on this morning. Screenshot from top right hand corner: 2 independent overlays + the sitewide header wrap around.

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Is the Ashley Madison incident an really elaborate ploy to create awareness on bad passwords? 

I've never been fond of the 'more-tag' in WordPress. I've always meant that the_excerpt is a better tool for controlling post formatting along with archive pages and meta descriptions. What is your take? 'more tag' or the_exerpt?

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Kickstarter is adding more social features to it's community of backers. Now you are able to follow friends and get notified when they engage with interresting projects. I kinda like it. You?

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This is kinda clever - wrap it in a bookmark, and you have an instant notepad.

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Kan godt lide denne her no-nonsense tilgang til optimering af webshop
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