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What do you think? The main reason some people are reluctant to give to charity is _______.
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Lack of confidence in the charity conducting organization.
Sometimes people think their money will disappear into administrative costs and not actually reach the people the charity's supposed to be helping.

And yes, money is short for every one right now...except for those who benefit from recessions (i.e. those who cause them).
Have you ever visited Pakistan???
they don't feel they know enough about who they are giving the money too. I would like to see more crowdfunded projects where you support a person, a small business or a community and then follow their progress on twitter, or google+ etc for years to come. 
Nearly all of charities need money there is so many that offer you help then ask for a donation,i do give to some not many only ones that i am sure receive the donation for the purpose stated ,Money is tight for me to live on now.
The problems of the world seem overwhelming and your donation, although given with love, seems insignificant.
It doesn,t go where it is suppose too,The children and the MOST NEEDY people.
I want to know it's going to the people/groups in need rather than admin costs
If I had the money to give it would be for a charity having to do in some way for children.  The reason probably is that so many scam artists out there have ruined the trust factor for a lot of people, this is only my opinion
YES so do i we are struggling here ourselves to cope with the preset climate We even have a Food Bank where i live so that goes to show you we need what money we have for are own Families 
money  approaches the right people or not is the issue i think
because a HUGE percentage goes directly to 'administration' costs and to top that off you get Parliamentarians and family members heading the board of directors on most of these charities on high cost quangos! When the 33 pence of my pound given eventually reaches the charity you are not sure that even that amount reaches the needy!! 
Because (a) many people have no understanding of what real poverty is - for example, having to walk miles to get clean water, or leave school aged 7 and (b) ignorant people perpetuate the myth of 'high admin costs' - the numbers are out there for you to check if you wish ! 
Sorry Peter, I am probably ignorant to actual figures of Oxfam but when I watched a programme regarding quango's on Panorama about charities, they kept on banging the drum of high admin costs. If I donate £10 a month to Oxfam how much of that £10 can you assure me actually reaches the needy?
they are stingy and mean,simple!
They Dont SEE The Good Their Money Is Doing.
Out of every £1 given to Oxfam 87p goes directly to emergency/development/campaigning work. 7p is invested to generate future income. 10p is spent on support costs. These are NOT secret figures and people should ascertain facts before making destructive and harmful generalisations.
The main reason people are reluctant to give to charity is hard to trust people.  So give locally that way you know where your money is going, you can keep tabs on it ; )
They do not receive proper feedback of activities. An excellent personal and timely feedback may increase their level of involvement in contributions for good causes.
Their mindset is focused on what they can get, as opposed to what they can receive.
they don't see it as worth as much to them as buying a new car/going on holiday/etc.
and also many people don't because there are so many charities to favour one it seems hard to choose, but to favour they feel it is unnecessary 
Most people wonder if any of the money actually gets to the projects it's intended for or if it all goes to salaries and such.
they think it's the government's job
they dont know what its actually going towards.
They don't know what it feels like to be in the peoples shoes and sometimes their just plain selfish.!
Too high a percentage goes into getting my money and not enough into the work I want my money to do.
Not Confident the Donations Actually make it to B used for the Benefit of the Cause !
i think people dont really trust some of the bias "charity" collectors, cause they wonder about their money falling into the wrong hands
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