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Another preview version of the Android App for you. Version 1.2 comes with the following changelog:
- PIN Code
- Favorites
- Better load for image previews
- File renaming
- File removal (in server and client if downloaded, all at once)
- Minimum persmissions list
- Some improvements in full synchronization

Please provide your feedback! And hope you +1 it and share!
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Improvements on synchronization are well done. Doesn't take ages like in the releases before.
I like what I see so far,
when is the start of translation to be expected?
If it'll be on Transifex like the rest of ownCloud you can expect my participation.
+Marcel Kühlhorn After it is in Google Play we will look into translations. They will then get added with updates after completion. Transifex is most likely.
Works fine on Android 4.1 @ Galaxy Nexus S.
Zik Zak
Still crashing immediately when sharing something from the RSS reader or the browser.
I'm using a ZTE Blade S.
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