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ownCloud 4.0.1 is released. You can help us to further improve towards a production ready release! What is cool, what is missing, what is annoying?
Today we release an important update for ownCloud 4. The new release contains lots of bugfixes and important security updates. It is recommended that all ownCloud 4.x users upgrade. For full productio...
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Already installed on my server today. Many front-end related bugs fixed. Thanks!

Some remarks:
*The Android client is still missing and would make it perfect. (the available client crashes)
*The calendar is missing a function to set an alarm.
*Where in the browser interface can I get the info which version is installed? That should be visible for at least the admin.
*Even though the update is triggered if you log in the first time (according to the docu), I would like to get a notice that an update was made (at least if database schema was updated).
*Email settings (for sharing) should be configurable.
Something I noticed on 4.0 and something I still see on 4.0.1, stuff I share publicly (i.e: images and PDF's) they never open in a new tab, instead download dialog is always run.

Is there a way for this kind of files just to open in new tab rather then having to be downloaded? 
+Ralf Krüdewagen you can see the ownCloud version at the bottom of Settings -> Personal. +Adnan Hodzic there was a security exploit with rendering the private links content in the browser, that is why the content is automatically downloaded now. I'll be working on a previewer for images, text files, etc for ownCloud 5.
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