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The ownCloud community is happy to announce the release of ownCloud 4. Innovation, new Features and Enhancements!
Encryption and Versioning are the highlights.
Test now or, for ownCloud commercial subscribers, wait a couple of weeks for a QAed and hardened ownCloud 2012 update.

Let us know what you +1and love, about the new release!
Lightning-Fast Innovation Gives ownCloud's Latest Community Release Greater Flexibility, Ease-of-Use. ownCloud 4 introduces file versioning and rollback, enhanced encryption, a new API and fast, e...
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Great! I Installed owncloud just last weekend and I already don't want to miss it any more. Nice update.
You've accomplished so much in so little time, great! I just need a calendar and contacts sync between android und thunderbird/lightning on linux, guess I have to try it out soon.
As for enhancements perhaps an integration of the z-push open source implementation of ms activesync would be nice?
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