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William J. Francis joins us January, 2017

OUR PRICES – Our fees for Residential Real Estate/Mortgage Transactions

PURCHASE: Our fees for a purchase transaction are $800.00* fees plus HST plus the estimated disbursements (including title insurance) would be approximately $700.00 to $800.00, depending on a couple of factors, like where your property is located and who your mortgage company is, etc. This fee includes the placement of one mortgage. Review of the Agreement of Purchase and Sale is also included provided it is not a rush.

If you are a first time home buyer, which means that you have never owned a home, anywhere, at any time, or you were never married to someone who owned a home while married to them, then you are allowed up to a maximum of $2,000 instant refund on the land transfer tax payable. If you are taking title with another person, and they are not first time home buyers, then only you are entitled to a percentage of the refund in accordance with the percentage that you hold title… i.e. joint tenants you would get 50% credit, if you are 99% and say your parent is on title for 1% to assist you in getting a mortgage, then you would only get 99% of the refund.

Some other costs to expect when you purchase might be for:
1.A Home Inspection Report, ($300 to $500)
2.Adjustment costs for things the person selling has or has not already paid for like the realty taxes on the property, or to fill a fuel oil or propane tank if applicable
3.The bank will most likely require an appraisal and there will be a fee for that ($300 to $500)
4.If your mortgage is insured by the CMHC, the premium for that will be added to the mortgage, however you will need to pay the PST on that premium;
5.There will most likely be hook-up charges and possibly deposits, for the utilities.

SALE: Our fees for a sale are $600.00* fees plus HST plus the estimated disbursements of approximately $220.00.

MORTGAGE: Our fees for a mortgage are $400.00* plus HST plus the estimated disbursements would be approximately $400.00 including title insurance. If there is a transfer involved then the fee would be $500.00 plus HST and there would be further disbursements incurred.

Disbursements are out of pocket expenses for searches, registrations, courier charges, office supplies, etc. and vary depending on where the property is located, who your lender is and other incidents that may be specific to your property.

*PLEASE NOTE: Fees are subject to change

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Yes... its time... we can do your Wills and Powers of Attorney... Call us today.

- If purchase price is less than $250,000.00 but more than $55,000.00 - multiply by 1% & subtract $275.00
- If purchase price is more than $250,000 but less than 400,000.00 - multiply by 1.5% & subtract $1,525.00
- If purchase price is more than $400,000.00 - multiply by 2% and subtract $3,525.00
- If less than $55,000.00 - multiply by 0.5%

Our prices for Wills: Seniors: $160.00 + HST each;
Non-Seniors $190.00 + HST each;
Power of Attorney Seniors: $70.00 + HST each; Non Seniors: $85.00 + HST each
Living Will - Seniors: $70.00 + HST each; Non Seniors: $85.00 + HST
Total Package Discount for Seniors - $280.00 + HST; Non Seniors: $340.00 + HST

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