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Free wallpapers

Here is a collection of 107 wallpapers for your pleasure. Feel free to use them on any device you want. Each wallpaper is available as a 2048px high quality JPEG file. To download a photo click on it then on the options menu at the bottom.

Download the entire album

Update: Due to the popularity of this album (thank you!) I reached my bandwidth quota on Google Drive and the zip file linked below is not reachable anymore. Here is an alternative link:

You can also download this album as a single zip file in which you will find the photos in their original size (up to 24 Mpixels.) Be warned, the zip file is 500 MB:

You can also download the full resolution photos from my Flickr account:

I hand picked these photos from my personal collection. In case you are interested, most of these images were taken with a Canon 30D, a Canon 5D Mk II and a Canon 5D Mk III. This album includes the wallpapers I use on my laptop, Nexus 7 and Nexus 4.

Wallpapers (107 photos)
107 Photos - View album

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A picture of +Kari Nies and me yesterday after my talk.

I'm giving a talk about "Lessons Learned from Developing Apache Hadoop" at UC Irvine tomorrow.

Hadoop is quickly becoming the foundation for big data processing in
enterprises and has spread from its original web adopters (Yahoo,
Facebook, Amazon, Google, LinkedIn, Ebay, Twitter, Netflix, Alibaba) to
other large tech companies (Apple, Microsoft, IBM, Adobe, Intel, AMD,
NetApp, EMC, Cisco, Nokia, AOL), startups (DropBox, Foursquare,
StumbleUpon, Zillow,, Rackspace), government (CIA, NSA, Booz Allen Hamilton), commercial (Sears, Walmart, Gap) and financial (JP Morgan, Mastercard). I will summarize the history of Hadoop and discuss some of the right decisions and big wins as well as some mistakes and lessons learned. For example, releasing early and often and evolving quickly in the early days forced the project to stay focused on continuous improvements that mattered to the user. On the other hand, we wanted to improve the MapReduce API, so we made a completely new one, which is an improvement but now we have to support both APIs indefinitely. I'll also discuss some of the current challenges and how we are working on them.

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I'm excited that my company, Hortonworks, is releasing the first version of our product HDP, which is based on Hadoop 1.0. 

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Ok, this school that is shaped like the Millennium Falcon is too funny.

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Cool time-lapse video from space.

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