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Owen Marcus

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Have you dated any of these women?
When you first start dating, the feelings of new love can cause you to overlook some significant issues in the relationship.
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Owen Marcus

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Yes, men don't like hearing these statements. They don't happen when the couple is connected. Getting re-connected can take some work, short of that you often end up chasing the symptoms of the disconnection.
"Remember when you made that one mistake, seven years ago?"
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Owen Marcus

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“The difficult part is that I can teach him what courage looks like from a female perspective — but in order for him to have it ingrained into who he is as man, it has to come from a man’s perspective. Courage is always going to be courage but how it’s carried out from male to female I think is quite different. It’s an intricate difference. I don’t know what courage feels like as a man, but I do know courage.” – Wanda Durant
“The difficult part is that I can teach him what courage looks like from a female perspective — but in order for him to have it ingrained into who he is as man, it has to come from a man’s pe…
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Owen Marcus

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Even the experts are often trapped in misconceptions about sex and relationships.
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Owen Marcus

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We believe because we choose our partner that we are free. We discover that like an arranged marriage, we are in something we didn't design.

That is good. That were we grow and develop the love that will fulfill us when we surrender so something bigger than what we can create.

How do you evolve through your arranged marriage?
You’ve met the love of your life. You fall in love, sex is great, you seem meant for each other. Time passes, and eventually, what felt like endless passion begins to feel like a trap. Your commitm…
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Owen Marcus

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This wouldn't be so funny if it didn't have a lot of truth to it.
What do you find that is true for you?
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Owen Marcus

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After a huge success, and a lot of fun, once again I'm assisting Dalia Anderman in this powerful workshop in Nevada City, CA, September 17-18th, 2016.

This workshop follows the principles Sue Johnston, Ph.D. developed out of years of research and work. What she came up with fits beautifully with our work with men. We all need to learn what we never had taught to us.

If you have any question, message me. I would be glad to answer them.
Dalia Anderman, MFT. Marriage & Family Therapist. HOLD ME TIGHT WORKSHOP. For any couple wishing to strengthen communication, love, & intimacy.
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Owen Marcus

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Do you like women's TV shows? If you are a man, you might not.
We can quibble about where it stands in the TV canon, but “Sex and the City” has seven Emmys and a suite of Golden Globes and Screen Actors Guild awards. It ran 94 episodes through six seasons on a…
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Owen Marcus

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Owen Marcus

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When people are under stress, men become more eager to take risks. They’ve found that men become laser-focused on rewards when their heart rates and cortisol levels run high, even if that reward has only a tiny chance of materializing. When the pressure is on and there’s the glimmer of a highly rewarding outcome, men take gambles.
A common perception is that when women are stressed, they become emotional and fall apart , but when men are stressed, they remain calm and clear-headed. Dr. Therese Huston sets us straight.
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Owen Marcus

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Much of the answer is based on the phenomenon known as the spectator lek. Principally found in birds, but also in some species of insect and mammal, a lek involves males gathering in a single place and displaying their plumage, size or overall fitness, sometimes by engaging in mock—or not-so-mock—combat, while other members of the species observe.
For females, the value of watching the displays is straightforward, since it helps them select the mates who have the fittest genes and can best compete for resources. For male spectators, it has equal, if different, value, allowing “nonparticipating males [to] monitor the performances so they can evaluate potential competitors and allies."
Love of sports is deep in our genes—but in men it's deeper
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Owen Marcus

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Should colleges teach men how to be men how to be vulnerable?

Because men don't want to look like they are trying to succeed; they don’t succeed.

When emotional vulnerability increases academic performance--let's teach them not the traditional model of emotionality that men rebel against. Let's teach Masculine Emotional Intelligence. Let's teach a model that works for both men and women.

Continuing to teach a model that evolved out of two centuries of men not being around because they were at work is self-defeating. Support men in teaching themselves. For 20 years, we continue to see the power of free men’s groups teaching these forgot skills. When learned, men are vulnerable, and success happens.
Today, women are more likely to go to college than men. And they perform better academically once they get there. This has some experts wondering why – and what policymakers can do about it. Andrew Reiner wrote about this in a recent New York Times op-ed “Teaching Men to Be Emotionally Honest.
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Discovering how to be a Freeman… stumbling towards Remarkable –

Business owner, blogger, Rolfer, men’s group developer, skier and connoisseur of nature. I like helping others create what they thought impossible, be a body that works or a life that is Remarkable - through combining innovative techniques and the caring of an old friend. 

We live in a time where so much of our interaction is virtual, fast and not personal – we need real interactions. Through developing a micro-community you give yourself what our ancestors had in their tribes, friends that support you beyond your limitations. I teach men and women how to create groups that are intimate communities of sponsorship.

I blog for men and the women who love them at: As men we aren’t bad or broken – we never were taught what we needed to learn to be the men we want to be.We were never taught the traits of Masculine Emotional Intelligence.

My passion for men winning as men created Free to Win, a training company for men. We help men get back what it means to be a man – a man that gets to just show up as himself. Our nonprofit, Men Corps give men all they need to start their own free micro-community or men’s group. The documentary fill About Men explores the Sandpoint Men’s Group’s unique model of men’s groups.

If you want to get in touch with me, CONTACT ME HERE

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Cured myself of Asperger’s Syndrome, dyslexia and dyspraxia using out of the box techniques. When I'm told it can't be done... I start doing it.
Blogger, writer, Free to Win and Men Corps founder, micro-community developer
Instigator, writer, community organizer
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    Free2Win is not your usual personal growth development plan. It is not a place for you to embrace your feminine side, learn how to emote like a woman, or find peace in the banality of today's suburbia living. Free2Win is a program, and a community, and it is indeed for men. It is where men come to learn how to be free, and to learn that being free is the first step to succeeding: To winning at the life YOU want to create for yourself.
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    the man, 1983 - present
    Blogger, helping men use what they already have - to get what they want, 2010 - present
  • Men Corps - creating micro-communities of deep support | for men and women
    Chief Instigator - founder, 2005 - present
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    Grow Up: A Man's Guide to Masculine Emotional Intelligence
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