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If you have enough data, there usually *is* one correct way to do things.
If you have enough data, there usually *is* one correct way to do things.

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Not sure how people are still refuting the wealth gap. Oh wait, there are STILL people that deny climate change...

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If you don't own right now, you're pretty much screwed.

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This is what happens when you're an old world business type that only knows your formulas. The world is changing, and specifically, the general population is changing. People are beginning to see the environment as a thing and are willing to pay a little extra for eco-conscious products.

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Mergers and acquisitions over decades and decades are a major cause of the massive wealth gap in America. Take a look at how other countries consider and take care of their citizens when large monopolistic corporations come about and compare that to the steamroller method of the US.

This is the problem of have an unchecked capitalism-based economy with politicians and lawmakers being bought by the very corporations they should be regulating.

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When I say this to most people (usually conservatives) they knee-jerk call me a commie socialist. I have to explain that capitalism is still the greatest economic model so far, but we're still new at it. We're testing the bounds. In 2008 we saw one limit of unchecked, un-regulated capitalism and it nearly destroyed the world.

We just need to make some tweaks, not throw out the entire system.

What's sad or frustrating is that conservative media has so ingrained in their followers' minds that limiting the extreme excesses is some form of "punishment" of successful people. They seem to not really get that some of these people make$50,000+ per HOUR! If we taxed them down to something like $20,000 per hour - they're still doing INCREDIBLY well, and I have yet to hear someone make a legit case that "you just can't live on $20,000/hour, I need more".

I think it's a problem with the sheer scale of the numbers that people don't quite grasp. If you're making $50k a year, and I suggested to cut you $20k a year, that might actually kill you. You can't reasonably take that kind of paycut without selling off all your stuff and moving into a shell of what you had. It seems it's that_scenario that people envision when we talk about taxing the super rich. And in that scenario, it _is a punishment. But that's not what anyone is talking about.

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oh man - so true! and they call liberals sensitive!

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Are you kidding me?? How do these people think things are run? Or is this how Trump runs his businesses and is now simply in shock that he is accountable to the citizens of America?

This shit is mind-blowing.

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I think maybe we need to move these plants to D.C.

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lol - some people need to realize that the states that have sanctuary cities are the leaders of production in this country. New York, California, Florida...Texas...meh not sure about that one. But these are the states that subsidize the backwards states like Mississippi or Alabama.

Withholding $4 Billion might not be a great idea for the country. #RippleEffect

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Great share by +Yonatan Zunger

A quick post because I don't have time to write a full piece right now: Seth Abramson has done a very serious job of connecting the dots, and a picture of direct Russian influence and/or control over key aspects of the Trump campaign and its policies is starting to emerge. In particular, we're starting to get names, dates, places, and subjects of meetings.

For those of you old enough to remember, this is reminding me a lot of what happened with Iran-Contra around the middle of 1987, when the big chunks of information started to come out. Suddenly it was going from conjectures to concrete timelines, graphs of people and who knew what and when. But unlike Iran-Contra, here the top-level principal – in this case, Donald Trump – was clearly directly in the room from the get-go.

I'd expect this to start to develop very seriously in news articles in the next few days. Questions of Congressional investigation, FBI investigation, and so on will obviously be highly politicized, and the Congressional situation in the near future will depend heavily on the aftermath of the AHCA vote later today. However, this may soon reach the scales where even reluctant members of Congress feel forced to act. I've never seen anything like this – not Iran-Contra, and not Watergate. We're heading into uncharted territory.
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