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Some amusing observations:
1) The geeks who complain about the lack of Flash support on iOS devices are the same geeks who called Flash proprietary and banned it from their Linux boxes...
2) The geeks who celebrate UI innovations like Swype are the same geeks who are moaning about the new scrolling paradigm in Lion...

- people like freedom of choice and despise choices made for them even if it is the same choice they would make.
- people like new ideas and innovations so long as the innovation doesn't work in opposition to an already learned habit (good, bad or otherwise)
- geeks are people (sometimes I forget that)
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Actually it is complete garbage that there is still no Flash support in iOS, HTML5 still isn't showing that it can replace Flash and rarely can I find it even working on my iOS devices. As much as I hate Flash it is a necessity that needs to be supported and Steve Jobs needs to check his ego, make nice with Adobe and starting doing things right for end users.
It's interesting. I don't hate Flash. It was my bread and butter for a very long time. However, I think Apple is doing what it does well and making a crap load of money doing it. We will only see a change from Apple when what they are doing affects their pocketbook. Android is doing well and might be offering competition to the iPhone, however Flash has never worked well on smart phones so it is doubtful that this will be a motivator.

On the tablet side (which is really where all the hoopla about Flash originated) the lack of Flash support is not currently affecting iPad sales or dominance in that market. RIM failed to compete, HP isn't really causing much of a stir, and Android tablets still get the "there's an Android tablet? Is that like an iPad?" response from most people I talk to.

Considering the news from Apple posting its highest share price in history just a couple of days ago, it is unlikely they are feeling a pinch from freezing out Flash. Until someone manages to affect their bottom line, I am pretty sure that every shareholder at Apple is saying "cutting out Flash isn't hurting us."
Owen....this is your untechnical, ungeeky, uncomputoresque mom, and I messed up this google thing that you put me on. I clicked on family and all that came up was edit or delete, so o o, I chose edit...and now all the circle says is edit. Could you kindly have a chat with the squirrely little man chomping an apple that runs about in the little silver box thingy and perhaps get me, your mom back on track ... you know the one...the circular track. Thanks/Love/Mom

P.S. Addendum & What Nots: I would have addressed this issue with your sister, however she has not posted? (is that the word, luv?) me, so I could not comment. You have not written to me either BUT there was a little box here, that I clicked. It said comment, but did not specify on what. I realize what I have written is quite without relevance to what is being discussed--all this business about flashing and hyper and such strange names for editors (does that mean flashers are now so hyper they have taken to wearing something called a Wisey Wig)...must be made of real hair. That does worry me a tad.

Ah well love, I close with all due apologies to those who who comment on philosophical/artistically inspired/computer technological ideas and ideals on this page.

I know my problem and request, is rather like going to the opening of the symphony dressed in "no name brand T and Jeans". There I have grovelled quite sufficiently! Feel free to add quirky and impetuous to your vocabulary describing your mom. BUT, please remember I am NOT senile yet!

Umm perhaps you might telephone me, that way I will not write anything in the inappropriate place.
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