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Rippla assesses how the 100 most tweeted stories from 10 UK news outlets were shared on Google+ and Facebook over three weeks
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Do Facebook and Google+ share the same things though? In regard to the picture, I see a lot more Daily Mail content on Twitter and Facebook than here, and I see a lot more tech content here than on Facebook.
Sorry, this was of the 100 most-Tweeted stories from 10 specific UK outlets, so one might assume that they are the stories generically popular amongst UK social network users, tech or otherwise.

Sure, there's the Mail / tech skew you mentioned but that could simply confirm a bias that G+ is not used by the mainstream (for example).
So, what it shows is a correlation between twitter and facebook. The numbers sound reasonable, but I'm not sure about the methodology. I'm guessing there wasn't a factor for private vs public posts either?
All I know is what was in the article  ;o)
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