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_Swimming During Pregnancy_

During pregnancy, it is not advised to follow the same exercise regime one followed prior to gestation. Swimming during pregnancy is a low-impact way to exercise while expecting a baby and has many benefits. Water exercise strengthens the muscles while soothing the aches and discomfort expectant mothers may experience during pregnancy.

_Benefits of Swimming during Pregnancy_

:- Swimming doesn’t involve excessive bouncing, stretching or bending of joints and hence decreases the risk of injury

:- Swimming exercises both arms and legs and provides good cardiovascular benefits

:- Swimming improves circulation, tones the muscles and builds strength and endurance

:- Swimming increases the ability to process and use oxygen, which is very important for both mother and baby

:-Swimming helps decrease the back strain experienced due to the expanding belly

:- Swimming prevents overheating and supports the ligaments and joints during exercise
:- Swimming helps burn calories, reduce fatigue and helps in keeping an ideal pregnancy weight

:- Swimming improves sleep quality

_Safety Tips While Swimming during Pregnancy_

Swimming strengthens core muscles and is completely safe during the entire course of the pregnancy. However, it is important to take care while indulging in any kind of activity during the gestational period. Some suggestions include:

Begin Slowly: Start swimming gradually. Just being in the water for the first few times is more than enough to relax the muscles and joints

Stretch: Stretching well during a warm-up and cool-down before and after swimming is very important. Take care not to overexert oneself
Stay Hydrated: It is important to stay hydrated while swimming. Have a glass of water before beginning , a glass of water after every 20 minutes of exercise and a glass of water after coming out of the pool
First Trimester: Swim for at least 30 minutes, if able to. Swimming in the morning can prevent nausea and keep one energized throughout the day

Second Trimester: Doing the backstroke will help improve circulation and ease backache. Wear comfortable clothing
Third Trimester: The breaststroke is beneficial during this time of the pregnancy as it helps in lengthening the chest muscles and shorten the back muscles, keeping them aligned. Changes during pregnancy cause the two muscle sections to be misaligned
It is important to consult a doctor before taking up any kind of activity, even though swimming is beneficial and prevents the risk of injury. Never hesitate to talk to the doctor if there are any queries or concerns.
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First Pregnancy:

regnancy is the most exciting time of life. The first pregnancy is accompanied by various doubts which can make one anxious. A pregnancy usually lasts for 9 months from the time of conception to delivery. The 9 months or 40 weeks are divided into three trimesters. Each trimester consists of 3 months in which changes in the mother and the baby’s development can be recorded. Here is an overview of the nine months of maternity so that it’s easier to know what to expect.


During the course of the pregnancy, the mother-to-be will experience a lot of physical and hormonal changes. This will also lead to experiencing pregnancy symptoms. Changes the pregnant mother undergoes include:

Enlargement of breasts
Skin changes due to increased hormone production
Morning sickness
Food craving and aversions
Frequent urination
Increased blood volume and circulation
Swelling of the ankles, hands etc.
Stretch marks due to the increasing belly

It is important to consult a healthcare professional to get specialized prenatal care. Taking care of the mother-to-be’s health also ensures that the unborn baby gets good care. Some steps to take care of one’s health include:

Having regular prenatal visits
Eating a balanced diet
Avoiding alcohol, medications harmful to the baby and the use of any kind of chemicals
Taking iron and vitamin supplements as per the doctor’s prescription
Avoiding undercooked or raw foods
Limiting aerated beverages
Having only pasteurized beverages
Refraining from cleaning the litter box if there’s a pet cat at home
Limiting the consumption of fish containing high mercury levels
Getting ample rest
Keeping oneself well-hydrated
Getting plenty of sleep
Maintain a healthy pregnancy weight-During pregnancy a healthy mother-to-be only needs about 2,400 calories on a daily basis
Before beginning any kind of exercise or fitness routine, the doctor must aways be consulted. Always consult a healthcare professional if there are any kind of queries about any aspect of pregnancy.
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Healthy eating habits are important to everyone and more important to your growing child. For the healthy development of your little one, you have to ensure they are getting enough nutrients required by their body. Especially, after a long, tiring day at school, your child deserves a snack that is healthy as well as tasty. But make sure these snacks are light in nature, as dinner is equally important. Therefore, here is the list of light healthy snacks that will rejuvenate your child’s energy!

• Frozen yogurt topped with fresh fruits – What can be more nutritious than the seasonal fruits? Giving fresh fruits to your children after school can help restore their lost energy

• Bowl of whole-grain cereal and milk – Whole grains include; wheat, barley, oat, rye, corn, rice, millet and triticale which are packed with nutrition. So, a bowl of whole-grain cereal with milk is a good option to fuel up your child
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Feeding Formula to your Baby

If you are feeding formula milk to your baby along with breast milk, it is common for you to be confused about the feeding amount. Though there is no definite answer to this question, the amount should be based on your baby’s
• Weight
• Age
• Combination with milk and solid food

Here are a few tips to decide the right amount of formula for your baby:

• Consider your baby’s weight – If your baby has not started any solid foods, then you can give 73-80 mls per 0.5kgs of your baby. So, you can multiply your baby’s weight by 75ms and feed them accordingly

• Consider your baby’s age – Along with the weight of your baby, it is important to consider their age as well. If you are giving formula to your newborn, then you can give 30 – 60 ml at each feed. You can continue with the same amount for the first week. By the time your baby is a month old, they will be able to take 90 – 120 ml at each feed. When your baby reaches 6 months, you can still feed them 90 – 120 ml at each feed, making it 400 – 800 ml in a day.When you start giving solid foods to your baby, then the intake of formula milk will gradually decrease

•Let your baby be the guide – Different babies will have different appetites. And the appetite of your baby tends to change from month to month. Therefore, what you can do is let your baby direct you on the amount of formula they want to drink. You can observe the clues your baby is giving and act accordingly
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As your child’s body is growing, the child will need more sleep than an adult. Healthy sleep is very important to wind down and relax your little one both mentally and physically. And bedtime routine is the way to ensure your child makes that transition.
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12 Benefits of Breastfeeding

- Nutritional Value
- Strengthens the immune system (has antibodies)
- No risk of Allergic Reactions
- Lower risk of developing respiratory illnesses
- Helps in baby’s brain development
- No cost; no preparation

- Reduces the chances of Breast Cancer
- Reduce the chances of ear infections
- Reduce the chances of ovarian cancer
- Prevents postpartum depression
- Builds mother – child bond
- Reduces stress
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Healthy Snacks during Pregnancy:
1. whole grain crackers :
Benefits: low in calories and easily digestible
2.High­ fiber cereals, milk & berries:
Benefits: cereals are fortified with vitamins and minerals and provides nutrition
3.Yogurt or fruit smoothie:
Benefits: provides protein and calcium
4.A cup of sliced mangoes:
Benefits: low in calories and is a rich source of fiber, Vitamin A and C
5.Dried Apricots:
Benefits: apricots are rich in beta­ carotene. Beta­ carotene in the body converts into Vitamin A.
6. A cup of grape tomatoes:
Benefits: rich source of Vitamin C and fiber
7. Fruit Salad with Cheese:
Benefits: low in calories
8. Oatmeal and Raisins:
Benefits: is a rich source of fiber and easily digestible
9. Banana:
Benefits: is a rich source of fiber, potassium, Vitamin C, Vitamin B6
10. Nuts:
Benefits: 'powerhouse' of proteins and rich in Vitamin E and Vitamin B
11. Hard boiled Eggs:
Benefits: rich source of protein and can quell morning sickness
12. Fresh Fruits:
Benefits: rich source of a variety of vitamins and low in calories
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Diet during Pregnancy:
Your lifestyle, height and weight are important factors in determining the amount of calorie intake. Given below is a food pyramid that covers the basic nutritional requirements of your growing fetus. However it is essential to speak to your healthcare provider before following any chart/ pyramid.

• Fats, oils and sweets needs to be consumed sparingly as they contain unsaturated fats + Calcium, Vitamin D and Vitamin B- 12 supplements
• Milk and Diary Products : yogurt, buttermilk and cottage cheese (3 servings)
• Meat, Poultry, Fish and Nuts (2 Servings)
• Green Leafy Vegetables (3 Servings)
• Fruits and Legumes (2 Servings)
• Cereals, Whole Grains, Dals and Pulses
• Rice ( 6 servings) and 2 Chapatis (without ghee)
• Water (8 Servings)
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#PrenatalYoga #Benifits
Yoga, an age old practice, has several benefits. Staring with this practice prenatally i.e before conceiving is said to have several benefits. Some of them are:

1. It heightens awareness about your body
2. It helps in reducing pregnancy induced stress and anxiety, to a great extent
3. The various poses facilitates in attuning you to your shifting balance
4. It helps you prepare for labor
5. It increases circulation
6. It helps relieve tension on areas such as the lower back, hips, chest , neck and shoulders
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#Myths about pregnancy

Myth: Craving for salty foods means you're having a boy. Craving for sweet foods indicate a girl is expected.

Fact: Research shows that cravings have nothing to do with determining the sex of a baby.
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