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Cabinet Hardware for the Professional, Hobbyist & Homeowner
Cabinet Hardware for the Professional, Hobbyist & Homeowner

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We've created a graphic guide on how to choose the correct drawer slides for your needs. You can also view it here:

Browse all the drawer slides OVIS offers at:

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OVIS now offers NSF Certified drawer slides for commercial and industrial kitchen equipment. The NSF Certification assures they are safe for food preparation & processing areas, as well as commercial & industrial kitchen equipment. If you have any questions about NSF compliant slides, or need OEM volume pricing, please contact OVIS.

Browse our lineup here:

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OVIS is now stocking the new Fulterer FR 5001.ECD soft close drawer slides.

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OVIS is a specialist in industrial grade heavy duty drawer slides. We sell these to many large companies for demanding applications like material handling, assembly lines, fabrication tables, shipping fixtures, tool boxes, testing equipment and other applications too numerous to mention. 
Homeowners and DIYer's are also using the 36" drawer slides for pull out shelves/drawers underneath staircases, beds and for deep pantry storage. 
These 36" drawer slides feature a 3/4" installation width without a disconnect so heavy loads stay secure. Full extension keeps items at the back within easy reach so productivity stays high.
Locking versions of the 36" drawer slides keep drawers secure for mobile applications like fire trucks, utility vehicles, service trucks and transport carts that go straight to the assembly line.

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Do you have wobbly piece of furniture? We have corner braces that may give you a quick fix delivered direct to your door!

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Are you missing some shelf supports in your furniture? OVIS has a couple different styles and colors available in convenient bags of 50. You'll have some to spare and a wholesale price! Our favorite is the one with the holes so you can lock your shelf in place.

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Wide cabinet drawers are popular these days, but how wide is too wide? The rule of thumb is 1.5 times the length of the drawer slide. If you have a standard depth kitchen cabinet then the normal length of drawer slide is 22”. If you multiply 22” x 1.5 = 33”. You can go wider, but the wider you go the more chance that the slide will not pull out as smoothly as you hope or expect.

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OVIS is now stocking the Fulterer FPS Solo Series RFID Locks. They are ideal for cabinetry, furniture and other woodworking projects. The new generation of "SOLO" electronic furniture locks proves that furniture locks can be both invisible and simple to operate, too!
The SOLO lock is attached to the inside or rear of a cabinet, for example and the RFID chip opens the lock through up to 25mm of wood or glass. With up to 25,000 cycles per battery, the furniture lock can be opened more than nine times a day for over 10 years.
Based on the internal chip system, you can program the lock very easily without a pc or software, just by using a programming card. Based on a proxy system up to 50 keys (e-cards or chips) can be activated for each lock.
Learn more here:
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