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Your GitHub projects. Organized.
Your GitHub projects. Organized.


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We've just launched a new website for Notice anything unusual about the monitor on top? If unsure, try it on mobile.

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Ten-hut, test subjects! is about to expand so make sure you have enough place left in your office!

First and foremost we are about to hand you a number of invitations. It's hard to collaborate when your coworkers spend most of their day staring at your screen and drooling so the couple of extra tickets will allow you to pick some brave colleagues and bring them on board.

There's also a number of changes and improvements we've made to our interface. You're the veterans so you will notice them immediately. We're only listing them here so you can spend the next couple of hours telling fresh recruits about the hard ol' days before the September of 2014 came.

The easiest to spot is the new issue card layout. Now it's 73% easier¹ to tell which labels are relevant to an issue. It's also much easier to drag-and-drop the cards.

Toxic issues are a brand new feature that helps you spot areas that demand your attention. Be it issues long lost and forgotten or ones so controversial that they have attracted a small crowd.

The last change we're going to mention was so well received that world sales for vuvuzelas quadrupled¹ overnight. We've spent a lot of time evaluating all of the information the sidebar contained and we are 100% sure it was 0% useful. So there, it's gone. Just like that.

That is all for now. You are dismissed. Go back to your battlestations and get some work done! Oh, and think of something shiny to trade the invitations for.

¹ All calculations estimated. Exact numbers may vary slightly.

Ten-hut beta testers,

Unfortunately, due to the recent changes we had to reset your columns configuration. Not a single issue or comment was lost or harmed in the process nor do we plan any similar changes in the future. We deeply apologize for any inconvenience but as you proceed to reconfigure your workspaces (or attempt to create new ones), you will notice some new exciting features:

Support for multiple repositories in a single column
Fuzzy search in workspaces

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Just received this T-shirts thanks to the courtesy of Can't wait to see «Your daily dose of issues» version.
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Dear Beta Testers,

How can be better in focusing on now/today?

If you're interested in, +Mirumee Labs or just a pint of «La chouffe» meet us in Ams next week on The Next Web conf

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Take a closer look at the upcoming milestones with our new Dashboard screen.

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Clients send you logos inside Word documents? Wrap them in a quick slideshow and attach to your tickets along with a cool soundtrack. Here's an of our Google Drive integration!
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