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Hey +OUYA  devs! Don't worry about rooting your device (or purchasing the pre-rooted device). We will provide builds and instructions that can be used to restore the device to 'unrooted' factory state!
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Please make sure to offer unlocking / rooting instructions to all end users (especially those who backed the project, like me). If this is supposed to be an open platform, then the instructions for rooting the device should not be limited only to development studios.
We definitely will! :) Thanks, Trevor.
I like this! I'm super excited to start developing for it.
Very nice, mind-open idea. Ouyah ;)
I just look forward to making some fun games that everyone can play for the right price! :)
The $100 question is, will rooting void the warranty?
+Jason P. Cochrane Good call - thanks!
I hope it will be as convinient as possible to switch back and forth between rooted and unrooted! However I think this console will turn out quite well!

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That is something that makes this console just that more amazing. Really hope for you guys to succeed.
I bet OUYA will run Jelly Bean. It has encryption for paid apps and offer a faster UI. And the OUYA's hardware is almost the same of Nexus 7.
It should definitely run Jelly Bean, but if OUYA is coming out in March, and Android 5.0 is coming out early November, that's at least 4 months for them to build it on top of Android 5.0. So hopefully they will use that.

And I still think they should use Tegra 4 if it's available from Nvidia by then. We could even accept a month or two of delay if it gets Tegra 4. Still a better proposal than using a one year old chip that probably can't play 1080p games at higher than 30 FPS.
OUYA - Can we get a clear answer on if we root the OUYA will we be able to access the OUYA market or not? I personally will root my device and will not go back and forth between builds for the sake of accessing OUYA's market so if I don't get OUYA market access while rooted then I guess I will be one less individual to purchase games and content from your market. 
@Kirk Brady
Well when you think about steam, it depends on the marketplace system! When you want to play a game in steam you cannot do it without a working internet connection!

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+Kirk Brady Exactly. I think people don't know about it and assume it doesn't exist because it is constantly looking for updates.
Thanks for the steam information :)! Well, when steam can do it, then I expect the same feature in Ouya!
+Lucian Armasu I don't think the Tegra 3 will be a problem, especially since the Ouya team is talking directly with NVIDIA to produce Tegra 3 chips that will keep the Ouya price down while providing great gameplay. I'd like to see the Tegra 4 as well, but the whole point of the Ouya is to be a cheap, open console that nearly anyone can play. I'm sure they will deliver a great product and we will be refreshingly surprised at the performance of the console.
My only fear about all this open platform stuff... is that it will make piracy so easy that it will scare away developers.  I hope there is a solution for that... because it's a major problem in the Android marketplace right now.
+Eric Lomas +Rossam Souza da Silva  That the platform is sort of open should be not the reason that piracy will be happens more on Ouya. The reason is that on android in general it is very easy to hack/pirate/root your hardware and there is no difference in easyness on Ouya. So people who want to do it anyway will do hacking/pirating and the others that don't want to hack/pirate won't do this on ouya either (At least that is what I think). When it come to Jelly Bean, I don't know that protection level it can offer, but usually hackers will find a way cracking the protection. If the process of rooting and pirating is going to be very inconvinient, maybe then it will hold back some of the pirating people, but that is to see!
I have a few questions, I am a big gamer who has notebooks full of ideas, but I have no idea how I would begin to make a game...any tips?
also so how dues the submission prosses work to finished games/apps? well u just except every thing? or?
can someone just charge a flat fee for a game?
finaly well you sell account money on cards like Nintendo and xbox? at say gamestop and bestbuy? for the kids who don't have a credit card?
+Viktor Kolokotronis oh thank you!!! see I am wanting to start a small game company with some friends, each of use has at least one thing or another to contribute, so I was like "why don't we all work together to make a game" the only thing we don't know how to do is program....that being a BIG key thing to pulling every thing elce together we have no idea ware to start. and ouya sounds like a grate way to have a good first start
i cant wait to get skype and steam working side by side with all of the ouya games i'm going to buy!

i swore i'd never buy a console, but that was before i had heard of ouya, the android console!

i wonder if there's going to be an OUYA app in the android app store, so those of us eager to flash CyanoGenMod 9.0 (release candidate) will be able to re-download the hundreds of games we're obviously going to buy.

speaking as a developer: will OUYA have a well-documented and easy-to-use API so that I can go ahead and start trying my hand with my friends and releasing games for OUYA?
I don't think Microsoft is making Skype for ouya. but it would be nice, you well see it on xbox first.
I do hope it has google talk or and google plus. it would be nice if it had a screenshot/facebook feature ware I could use a Bluetooth device to tell ouya to snap a screenshot and then send it to facebook. that could promote ouya well, and show off what I can offer or what people are playing
+tylor gallagher well, there is already skype for android. i can just install that. i think most apps, at least at first, will be through google play / android market, and through onlive.
Wow, that is really nice of you guys. I wish more companies would post their stock images and unlock their bootloaders. It would make my life just a little easier. Thanks!
Will +OUYA have a launcher app for the UI that will be able support for custom roms? Will it support fastboot? And whats ab out support for XBMC (i now The Android XBMC Version supports the Tegra3 CPU)?
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