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- Sales & Front Desk Mitarbeiter/In - 100%
- Praktikantin / Praktikant

Whether you’re at the front desk or the top of a mountain. If you’re new to outdoor adventure or a seasoned pro. You will become part of a passionate team of leading adventure specialists with a common vision of sharing unique experiences.

No matter where your journey begun, we want you to raise the bar for yourself, step out of your comfort zone and realise your dreams.

Interlaken is where we play.

Apply now! Contact or dm us right here on facebook.

#getbusyliving #switzerland #jobs #interlaken #outdoor
Outdoor Interlaken
Outdoor Interlaken
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Bungy Jumping out of a Gondola?

Hands down, stockhorn has to be one of the most unique locations to Bungy (or Bungee as some like to say) Jump in the world! Most Bungy sites are located on a bridge, and while that's awesome... nothing compares to leaping out of a Swiss Gondola 134m above a beautiful mountain lake!

Hit the link to read the full post

#getbusyliving #adventure #travel #switzerland #interlaken #bungyjump
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Welcome to the Glacier Canyon or “Gletscherschlucht” 😮🙌🏻
(good luck with the pronunciation)

Can you imagine how long it takes for ice ❄️ to carve a 300m deep gorge in rock? It’s really quite incomprehensible, and an awesome sight to see. This is one truly impressive feat of nature.

You can now walk 1km into the gorge via a wooden walkway and explore the unique rock formations and tunnels. You will find information points along the way to learn about the unique history of the Glacier Canyon.

This is the perfect all-weather activity for all ages. It’s easy to access and can be added to most of your day trips in the area.

Find out more here:

#getbusyliving #family #activity #kids #children #interlaken #grindelwald #switzerland #thingstodo #weather #nature #tour
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Welcome to #Summer 2018 at #Outdoor #Interlaken

Are you one of those people who tries to get everything ready for summer, only to find it’s late August already and you haven’t done anything on your #bucketlist?

This summer will be different!


…kidding, but seriously!

Step 1 – Watch our latest video

Step 2 – Call your friends

Step 3 – #getbusyliving

How many different experiences can you have this summer? If you’re #travelling through #Europe, there is no better place than Interlaken. It’s the #adventure capital of Europe and the ultimate playground! There’s almost nothing you can’t do in the #outdoors here… and if there’s something missing, please let us know in the comments!

If you’re still thirsty to know more, head on over to this post:

...for the most kickass things to do around Interlaken, Switzerland. There’s a huge range, from a fun, easy day out with the kids, to full-on… adrenaline-fueled… bring spare underpants… jump off a cliff holding a rope type of deal.

In case you forget things quickly, head over to our Instagram page ( and hit that follow button and turn on notifications… we’ll keep you inspired!

Summer 2018 video release:
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The Scariest Canyon Swing in the world!

Standing on the platform, my legs weak, my stomach turning, my brain spinning… I’m hesitating but I know I can do this… I wanted this! Why did I want this? “Mustard” (the Canyon Swing guy) is looking at me with kind eyes, telling me “all you need to do is step off, you’re going to love it”. Oh yeah, right… just step off. ok ok, let’s do it… It’s sooo far down.

Three… Two… One… jump. I stepped off the platform into nothingness, falling 165ft before the rope went tight and sent me screaming between the canyon walls at 120kmh, as if the drop wasn’t enough!!!

So intense, by far the scariest experience I’ve ever had but i’d do it again haha

If it sounds intense, it’s because it is… but anyone can do it. The guides are there for you, and will give you the motivation you need to step off that platform. You won’t regret it!

- Brave human


Interlaken is Europe’s adventure capital and just a short drive from the world’s scariest Canyon Swing. The rope swing platform is positioned between the walls of the Gletscherschlucht glacier gorge, which has been carved out over centuries. An impressive natural formation once covered by glacier ice is now an epic place to scare yourself silly!

The jump platform sits on the edge of the canyon walls, 90m/300ft above the glacier melt rushing beneath you.


What you can expect
You don’t need to bring anything special for the experience, everything is provided.

1. You’ll be picked up and driven from Interlaken to the Gletscherschlucht Glacier Canyon near Grindelwald

2. When you arrive, there’s a safety briefing and you’re fitted with an amazing full body padded harness

3. A very short (5mins) bus ride later, and you’re at the top of the gorge. There’s a short walk down to the platform (you’re allowed to start freaking out now)

4. After some more safety talk, and preparation for how it’s all going to go down, you gather under a little cover next to the platform.

5. You’re either the bravest one (aka a nutcase) and volunteer to go first or you move to the railing to watch, the anticipation is intense.

6. When it’s your turn, you are securely attached to the ropes before crossing the safety barrier. Now you’re on the platform and being slowly guided towards the edge.

7. It’s final checks, smile for the camera, soak up the confusion of emotions, the incredible natural beauty of the gorge and now it’s up to you… the guide will count you in and all you need to do is “just step off”

8. You will fall for about 4 seconds or 50m / 165ft which feels like an eternity before the rope catches you and swings you at 120kmh / 75mph between the canyon walls.

9. Once the swinging slows down, there’s another guide who will pull you in, release you from the ropes and you can attempt to walk (if your legs work).

10. Check off that bucket list.


This is about as intense as it gets, bring your courage and get ready for a bucket-load of adrenaline. If you’re going to live, you might as well jump!


Full Post:

#outdoorinterlaken #interlaken #switzerland #adventuretravel #travel #europe #bucketlist #activities #thingstodo
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4 things you can do today to prepare for your next snowshoe adventure.

Just like anything, you can either just go for it and hope for the best or you can prepare, and set yourself up for success. 💪🏼

1. Walking!
Sounds obvious, but anything that gets you moving can help when it comes to snowshoeing.

2. Cross-trainer
Something that is quite close to the movements would be a cross trainer, the kind that mimic nordic walking. These will condition the right muscles and build your stamina.

3. Leg exercises
Squats, lunges and wall-sites can also be good for building leg strength and can be done anywhere.

4. Core strengthening exercises
These are a must for any physical action we do. Having a strong core will prevent many injuries as well as enable you to keep your balance much easier. Things like side-planks, regular planks and sit-ups can be done anywhere at any time. If you want to go further with it, we’d recommend getting into some yoga or pilates!

👩🏼‍💻👨🏼‍💻 Further reading:

#snowshoeing #adventuretravel #nature #switzerland #interlaken #fitness
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Who's up for learning to ski this winter? 🙋🏼‍♂️🙋🏼❄️⛷️ Our beginner packages are the perfect place to start: 😄 #learntoski #switzerland
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The perfect family day on the snow! ❄️

⛷️ Ski lessons for the whole family on the incredible beginner's slope "BodmiARENA" in Grindelwald followed by snow-tubing fun!


#getbusyliving #snowtubing #grindelwald #switzerland #family #holiday #travel
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The man himself Beat Fuez will be here racing the famous Lauberhorn World Cup 🇨🇭 from the 12th to 14th of January on the longest downhill course in the world!

Swing by the shop and grab a pass and some skis, you can be just like Beat! (sort of)

Shop Details:

#getbusyliving #AdventureTravel #Interlaken #Jungfrau
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#NewYears #resolutions!

Let's hear them!

We're thinking more #fun, more #adventures, more #thrills, new #experiences. Life is too short for diets and boredom ;-)

#getbusyliving #adventuretravel #interlaken #switzerland
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