Beethoven's opus 130, 131, and 132: I get the chills just contemplating posting about this transcendental music. I use that word because these quartets are beyond beauty.

When the solo violin sounds in opus 131, "crystalline" comes to mind, as Venus might appear on a clear night. Eight minutes into the 4th movement, I see a cascade of colored crystals: not due to the momentary sound, but due to the conditioning imparted by attentively listening all that precedes.

4-1/2 minutes into the second movement of opus 132, I see luminous angels dancing on the head of a pin. In the third movement, I stare into the face of God. And I am atheist!

40+ years ago, I listened to a program on FM radio entitled "Beethoven: His Spiritual Development" featuring excerpts from a book of the same title by J.W.N. Sullivan and, of course, the music. I remember it so clearly because it expanded my reality. I have that book now. And I have the Tokyo String Quartet's rendition.
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