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Intelligence for your audio & video.
Intelligence for your audio & video.


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On September 9th, 1999 OtsAV - then named OtsJuke - was born!

Ots Labs is TODAY celebrating 15 years since 9/9/99.

Barely a small percentage of products, especially within the software/tech space manage to see out a 15-year birthday celebration, particularly while achieving the widespread use amongst a diverse range of industries and environments, as well as the reputation, goodwill and unwavering dependability OtsAV has attained and perpetually exhibited.

OtsAV continues to be adopted to provide high quality and robust audio and video playout in new and interesting ways each and every day - from the rapidly expanding chains in North America such as Sky Zone trampoline park (as seen on Undercover Boss), to bespoke streaming services in the UK, bars and cafes in New Zealand, night clubs in Ireland, massively parallel radio streaming in Russia, pubs being "rescued" throughout the US (as seen in action on Spike TV's Bar Rescue in numerous episodes), discos in the Netherlands, and pyrotechnic operators everywhere! Then there's the cruise ships, gyms, bowling alleys, and restaurants. And the subscription services, internet backends and streaming solutions. Radio stations. Mobile DJs. Office recreation areas. Oh yeah, and the lounge hi-fi music lovers!

Our customers choose OtsAV for its quality, innovation, stability, reliability and dependability. These attributes continue to save OtsAV users time and money while making their lives easier and more pleasant (being able to sleep at night is a good thing). It's funny how, for as much as things change in this fast-paced and high-tech world - so much doesn't. Yes, mobile matters, "apps" matter, and features matter - and Ots Labs continues to invest in all of these areas behind the scenes. But dependability matters above all. And OtsAV is living proof of that!


Thank you to all our intelligent, entrepreneurial and ingenious customers who have frequently been at the forefront of pushing the boundaries in new applications of OtsAV. Thank you to YOU!

See you at the 20-year celebration :)

Kind regards,

The Team @ Ots Labs
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Ots Corporation "Heartbleed" Pro-Active Security Statement of Non-Compromise (PASSNC)

Less than 24 hours ago on Monday April 7th, 2014, an extremely serious vulnerability, dubbed Heartbleed, in the OpenSSL cryptographic library used by around two-thirds of the internet was made public. Security related bugs and vulnerabilities occur regularly, however this particular bug is so serious in both scale and nature that virtually every internet user will be affected in some way, whether directly, or indirectly via third-party systems utilized by services they rely on.

Ots Labs wishes to advise that all customer data, including but not limited to OtsZone user profiles is safe and has never been subject to this vulnerability.

Read this important statement in full here:
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Welcome to the new OtsAV G+ page!

Here, you can engage, discuss, communicate and share all things OtsAV related.

Find our other established social media and community channels at

The Team & Ots Labs
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