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Expanding the availability of custom URLs

Custom URLs are short, easy to remember web addresses that link directly to your Google+ profile or page (like or They make it easier for you to connect with others, as well as promote your content, and today we're significantly expanding their availability to people and pages on Google+.

If your profile meets the following criteria, you’ll now be able to claim a custom URL:
- Has a profile photo, and
- Has at least 10 followers, and
- Has an account that's at least 30 days old

Meanwhile, any brand or business that has a linked website or is a verified local business can claim a custom URL for their Google+ page. Link and verification info is available in the Google+ Help Center:

Once you meet the eligibility criteria, just visit your profile or page to begin the claiming process. If you don't see the option yet, don't worry: we're expanding availability throughout the week, and you'll see the in-product notice as soon as your custom URL is ready.

We hope that custom URLs will help  you more easily promote your content on Google+, whether it be new photo collections, Hangouts On Air, or an interesting series of posts.  For ideas on how to include custom URLs in your campaigns, ad creatives and more, visit our help center: 

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What about verified names for regular users? Is that something we might see in the future?
The link provided is for google+ pages, how to do it for your profile?
AAAAARRRRGH Not there yet... Really want this... :)
+Renaud Lepage I just wish they showed what it would like like on your profile page or explained in greater detail how you would know when they rolled it out to your account.

It's a little vague at the moment.
+Otavio Silva Is this rolling out only for G+ pages? My personal account has 25,000+ followers and I've been here since day one and still can't get verified or a custom URL for this account(my personal account) yet I have had my Android website verified and today got the custom URL. 

I'd really like to be able to get verified and to have a custom URL for my personal account(the one I'm using now to comment here.)
Is the vanity URL same thing as nickname? My profile is asking me a nickname
Will this option be available on the mobile app as well?
I got the option for my brandpage +Warsaw Salsa Festival  *BUT*it is preselected by Google and I do not see any way to change it! They sugest: /+SalsafestivalPL (based on our website url). I use everywhere /WarsawSalsaFestival and want to use it also here!
How to cope with that problem?
+Otavio Silva How can we actually change the change the capitalization? The article mentions "A box will appear allowing you to make edits to the formatting.", but I can only change my regular URL.
My proposed shorturl is +NubIs, probably because our domain is
Is there a way to un-capitalize the first letter after a dot?
+Otavio Silva, I saw the same "problem" as +Marek Domański. The suggested url I received is not quite right and I did not see an option to change it to be more appropriate.
well actually this system really sucks.. The custom url based on the website url looks like sh^&t. I got my nice custom url for the other brandpage and it was based on the name of the brandpage not the associated websites url. And it made sense. Now with no option to change the preselected custom url it really sucks :/
Thanks, +Otavio Silva  for the information. +Marek Domański I accepted the suggested url +HarbeckeBiz.   AND: I had a look at the terms of service; I hope, early adopters won´t have to bear disadvantages later on.
Getting sick and tired of these "staged" rollouts. I read about something, go there, and it doesn't exist yet. This is par for course for Google lately. 
I'm hoping to get in soon, my name is so common I expect it will be snatched up quickly :(
+Otavio Silva thanks for the info. Still not verified enough to have a 'get' or custom url link to 'go' to. Like others, have been on G+ for over 2 years, meet all the qualifications. what needs to happen next for this custom URL? Thanks
+Tim van Dalen You can change capitalization - even after you've claimed it - it just changes the way it displays. 
Not seeing any way to get the URL on my profile, im guessing a rolling release?
Everyone, read the post more carefully!
Yes, this applies to personal profiles as well.
No, I don't have it and I think it's a rolling release.
Yes, I'm frantically refreshing my profile to get the URL I want.
What about suggestions with domain extension in vanity url instead real page name? (+PageNameCom instead +PageName) 
Not cool :(
+Cliff Wade This is rolling out for people profiles as well We're expanding availability throughout the week and you'll soon be able to get a custom URL for your personal profile.
Awesome, awesome, and more awesome! Appreciate the customized URL!
+Otavio Silva Thank you very much for the information and the update on this matter. It's great to see folks like yourself respond to questions like this!
Looking forward to the new URLs. In the past I had to use the old .to method to do this, and it will certainly be much more effective to tell folks to use gdanmitchell than to search or use a long string of number! :-)
I just got this for a page i manage but - forgive me for sounding ungrateful -  the vanity URL is sub optimal. It has added the domain suffix on it, which looks silly, as in /acmeCoUk And there is no option to change that. I want lowercase brand name and if no other vanity URL has that I'm confused why it's not auto offered.
Until we can actually have a true vanity url, I'll have to wait before switching +Celynnen Photography 's page. The +celynnenphotographycouk just isn't cool..
+Otavio Silva  I've been a google+ user since the early days when it was invitation only, and this really makes me happy, took you guys a while, but THANK YOU! I do meet all the requirements so i'm looking forward to claiming my url!
Yeah, they should show a screenshot to show what to expect when it becomes available for your profile.  Otherwise, I'm like "is there a page I'm supposed to go to?" or "some kind of popup?" or...
It's not a 'custom' URL as Google claim, it's a fixed unchangeable URL based on the verified domain name linked to the page. There is nothing you can customise about it.

For now I recommend everyone just carry on sharing the link to the full URL as I doubt Google will let pages change the URL once they have set one. I recommend waiting until Google allow pages to see to a true fully custom URL; just as Facebook have done since ages ago.
+Otavio Silva I was just offered a vanity URL for my Page +Singularity 2045 but the vanity URL option (only one choice) was no good, it was Singularity-2045Org which is comparable having a vanity URL ToyotaCom ( I might not forever be associated with an org domain thus the org aspect is not needed, furthermore by capitalising the O of Org next the number this is confusing, unclear, messy: Singularity-2045Org . What I want is without the Org, why can't I have that?

See, look at the difference:

What I was offered:
What I want:

I will definitely by sticking with the long number instead of a rubbish vanity URL. Other people are also disgruntled, +Robert Norris for example has a similar problem to mine. You know what really annoys me, the preferential  treatment for rich businesses, it's a plutocracy. Why does Toyota get an vanity URL without the Com of its domain attached but the paupers without power get a rubbish choice?
Please let me know if I meet the criteria!
+Otavio Silva Will profiles connected to a Google Apps account get the custom URLs too? I imagine there are still several like me who have a Google Apps account for individual / private use.
+Otavio Silva  As many people have pointed out, it would be great to get a name without the page's TLD!
My question got answered as I just got the notification for the custom URL. GREAT!
Anyone over here know what makes a page eligible? I've linked my domain, which seems to be the only pre-requisite needed.
C'mon, gimme mine! All the good ones are gonna be taken!
+Otavio Silva Does the 10 followers requirement count people that have you in their "Friends" circle, or does it specifically require them to have you in their "Following" circle?
Anyone know if you have to be a page owner or manager to claim the URL?
They should give the ability to choose your own name. Just like on any other social network platform. This has to be conistent... -.-
Hey +Otavio Silva . That's a great move. I'm pretty sure we can see a lots of new people flowing to Google+ as the news spread too.
Thanks a lot and CHeers!
Quick Question +Otavio Silva: Does this affect our authorship links? Also what does the URL now have to be to claim Authorship‽ 
Im petty that lots people are following for you cheers & joy.
+Ralf Haring Im now on mobile vs desktop where I was able to get the custom url. In my case it suggested that my full first and last name was available. I am almost positive it had an action to "try different name". I selected my name, it then authenticates by sending a verification code to your mobile phone ( I am sure other methods are used for those without mobile)
. You enter the verification code. Then it prompts "are you sure you want this name? Once you confirm you cannot change later to another name, and you can't trade names on behalf of someone else" (something like that). Then you confirm
And it shows you now have that custom url.
+Richard Hoefer Thanks for the info. It seems that the process is different for pages vs. profiles. Profiles seem to have that option but pages have the one assigned name with no ability to request a change.
I'd like to get my custom Google+ URL (it has been pre-approved) but the verification form won't accept my mobile phone number (pre-paid in Thailand) - what can I do to get verified? I will not be back in the US for a long time (so I have no need for  a US mobile phone number) and next destination is Cambodia (I will also have a pre-paid mobile number there). If anyone has an answer please let me know.
Can I verify my account without giving away my phone number? If not I keep my long number :)
+Otavio Silva My carrier here in Chile doesn't support international SMS. Is there any way to verify my Google+ profile with a phone call? It worked for me when I enabled 2-step authentication on my account.

+Tore Julø I would like to see more verified names as well. Either way, this is awesome!

I have a custom url now, yayyy
+Tim van Dalen not sure if you have sorted your Capitalisation out yet, but you can edit the link after you accept the URL, which I have done for my page: (previously had a capital N)
Finally You people rolled it out for general public.
Thanks a lot.
So pumped.  Don't see option yet but looking forward to it.  
+George Mann I am going to take a shot at commenting on your authentication dilemma:  (1) Though in this case I chose to use my actual mobile number, I have at various times on various sites used my Google Voice phone number for verification codes. In my experience, they work fine. Google Voice phone numbers are free, but I am not a Google employee or expert so not sure, but I think Google Voice numbers are just in USA? Is that right? +Otavio Silva, would you be able to tell people here if there is an alt-authentication method other than TXT to mobile phone?

But if you can get a Google Voice number, all texts that go to that Google Voice number can alert you by way of an email to the email account you have linked to your Google Voice number. And you just use the webpage to receive the text, and reply to the text. You do so from the webpage and it sends as SMS back to Google.

(2) Again, I am just guessing outloud, trying to think resourcefully, but I guess one way to see if there are any alternative authentication methods than mobile text, one could use another gmail address you have which is not already associated with a G+ account, and just begin filling out the "join Google+" form, or just read it down at the bottom. I am pretty sure the form requires an authentication method. So see if they provide alternate authentication methods at that point. If so, then prob the very same alt-authentication method could be used. (I am only GUESSING).

(3) Maybe check your Google Account settings. Not google+, but Google account, which you can get to from your Gmail, and poke around to see if they have listed a recovery method to be sent your password if you were to ever forget it. If so, that would likely be another authentication method. Hope this helps at least in a tiny way.
Thank you +Richard Hoefer , I will wait for an aster from +Otavio Silva  first and then investigate your suggestions. All my Google accounts were set up when I was in the US, so no problems then.
I'm waiting for the letters form +Google+ team, because I can't change my URL right now. I really want to have a try.
Given I'm "mittfh" almost everywhere else on the 'net, for me a custom URL with my name would be longer than the existing third party unofficial redirection offered at

Of course, even if it was allowable, it would be difficult for me to claim mittfh due to a little known video sharing site called YouTube, where I've been known as "mittfh" since I first signed up (so consequently have a G+ page under that name as that's the only way to link YouTube and G+ without my YouTube account being renamed "Ben Norwood").
Google suggested a custom URL with "local" characters (ščžđć) that I don't want as part of my public URL. How can I request a different URL?
FYI ... I posted screenshots of what the email & notification look like re converting to Custom URL here: (This is for individual profiles. "Pages" might be different.)
From your Ts & Cs..."Custom URLs are free for now, but we may start charging a fee for them." Interesting/alarming!?!? And is there anything we can do when the 'suggested' URL is absolutely rubbish? Another delayed and poorly executed damp squib from Google/Google+
I wasn't given that option, either on the email or the actual page? At least there's hope!
Thank you for expanding.. 
One issue:  My Korean name (made of 3 Korean characters) is regarded as too short.  Most Koreans have 3 character names (written in Korean Hangul). So do Chinese (written in Hanzi). Most Japanese have 3 or 4 character names (written in Kanji).  
The "entropy"  in 3 Korean characters or 3 Chinese characters is way bigger than that of 3 Latin letters and should not be treated the same when determining the suitability as a custom url. 
I think the option of suggesting other url is valid for profiles not for pages. It was the case in my situation
I am blocked by the SMS verification scheme: It seems that Google's SMS don't transit well through Movistar (but people in Ecuador that have a different telecom have no issue). I can, however, receive the voice calls from Google. But Voice Calls are not enabled for the Custom URL verification. PLEASE ENABLE VOICE CALLS FOR VERIFICATION. I really really am eager to use and show around my custom URL.
Yes.. thank you! I have do it today my own short URL:)
+Benjamín Orozco Ríos how did you get that? I see you got an option of name+nick and just name. I only got one option of name+nick, but not just name... :( and can't request it for some reason...
Still waiting, the option is not showing up for me....
it is a shame +Otavio Silva . I'm paying money for my Google Apps for Business account and running my G+ profile since 11.2011 with my Google Apps E-Mail address... no way to get a custom url...
Right now I could have only one custom URL for a Google+ page but not for my account. is there a delay for Canada as usual ?
+Otavio Silva Thx for update... I got my personal vanity URL...  but for my biz page I have not yet... our URL is and we are +CruiseDeals all over the internet... hopefully we get the pre-approval button later this week. 
I have 2,000+ followers, and have had my account for over a year. I don't see the option anywhere on my profile page.
don't see the option yet
Do hand-drawn pictures count?
Why not me? What's Problem? I have 10000+ over followers and more g+ aviation.
Safari? Not Chrome? Are you kidding me?
While G+ is rolling out this feature, there's always in the meantime.
Mine finally arrived! I'm a Google Apps user for those still waiting and wondering. 
Never mind. I finally got my reminder as well!
Got mine today for my brand page and this personal account but no one else in my office did.
I hope everyone is patient with this process. Grateful for being on our page today (by logging in on PC with Chrome).

Just for perspective--been asking for months, submitting biz license, verifying our places page, asking google in writing and via reps on the phone/via email; sharing how Facebook protected our brand almost automatically; and, to add, been using the name internationally for more than a decade, as well as Adwords client long enough to have a Google apron (this biz estab.1995). Have at least 12 hours of "billable quality time" into the process because it is important! So, I totally get the investment many have made to encourage Google.

So, thank goodness Google is seeing the value in our brands being easily found.
+Otavio Silva 
So whilst only some can change the URL Google give you. Once you accept you cannot transfer the name to another account. So lets say you decide to re-brand, then what do you do? Start again?
+Otavio Silva Found that after this post here and that worked, thanks. The default it chose here still looked like a bug though, since for my personal profile it properly had mixed caps (or mixed caps in a brand name was something you explicitly tried to avoid maybe?).
Finally! Thanks. But sadly now I have an URL with an umlaut (my name) and not a short alias that I would want to have... (nickname)
Is the Follower's Circle specific to this feature and separate from other Circles?
I just got Vanity url for my business page +iTeleCenter thanks for sharing the valuable stuff.. I appreciate it alot.
yes thanks +Kim Tyrone Agapito good blog by the way re MOZ. This is my dillema.  I want to re-brand and i also don't wish to have the 'Au' for Australia at the end or it is a waste of time. However, there are favorites as one of my competitors in OZ received their URL last year and it does not have this. So what the .....I bit the bullet and did it but not really happy Jan!
cannt find the button
Are they still rolling out? I haven't gotten a notification for my personal profile yet. I have been a G+ member for almost 2 years.
Cannot understand while my brand page +MOZALAMI has only 5 followers I could have a custom URL (I don't complain) where this account is more established one with over 1000 followers and since Google+ launch Cannot have a custom URL ?!!
+Otavio Silva I too have to echo the requests for a non-SMS method of confirmation.  I have 2-factor auth and Google's own Authenticator App working fine on my phone, but I don't use SMS at all due to getting buried in spam years ago. I don't understand why the Authenticator app is not already an option, and automated voice calls have never been a problem for auth codes either.
It would be awesome to get an update on the progress of the rollout, along with some info about the algorithm that determined the order of the invites. It's amusing seeing people who have made only a few public posts and have only a handful of followers receiving custom URLs while other, much more active users ahem keep waiting. :)
+Otavio Silva somewhere in this, someone is lying to me.
I think you've repeated the lie:
If your profile meets the following criteria, you’ll now be able to claim a custom URL:
- Has a profile photo, and 
- Has at least 10 followers, and 
- Has an account that's at least 30 days old 
[end quote]

The claim from the "Get URL" interface is "You must verify your mobile phone number" But my phone has already been verified by Google Plus. Both by voice message and through use of the Authenticator app. The "Get URL" interface demands SMS as the only allowed method. That needs to be added to the list of requirements, OR FIXED.
+Bob O`Bob The instructions are very generic. We are not even seeing the SMS option as Google mostly only does this within the USA. Also others are seeing an option to change your URL at this point in time.....aint no option here for us to do this....I wish. Cheers from Australia +Otavio Silva 
So far my experience has been frustrating. First google sends me a vanity url which is the same as my business URL. My business name is different than the URL in my case. I ask google for a vanity google+ url of my business name. They send me my business name with my town's name tacked on the end. Now I am asking for the town to be removed. Wish google+ would ask you what you would like- similar to Facebook. Would save a lot of time for both parties.
Great!  But the problem is that I've changed my website URL and so would like to accept a different custom URL than what was offered.  How do I accept a different custom URL?  Do I have to wait for Google to see that my website URL has changed?

#Fred Tanner how did you ask for different ones?
+Robin Eschler I went to my about page for my business. On the left side at the bottom click feedback. Then you will get a box to type in your issue. Then you will be asked to highlight or blackout (use highlight) the issue on your google+ business page. Highlight the custom URL section showing incorrect vanity url. Click send a wait a day or two. Good luck. I am on round 3.
+Blackhills agree about the branding. That's why I have turned down the last two vanity urls google+ has sent me. Wish they would at least ask you what you recommend as the business owner. 
+Fred Tanner Hey Fred, How did you turn them down. I got mine with our business name Threeworlds with an Au on the end, as our website was (au = australia). I've now change the site to which we also own in a hope that goole will offer us +Threeworlds .  So i'd like to decline the threeworldsau offer. Thanks. Jason
+Jason Ure when you click for the vanity url it says "accept" and "not now". Once you click "accept" I think you are stuck with it. I always click "not now".
Thanks for the update. Google is rewarding those who play in their sandbox.
Thanks +Fred Tanner. Did that. Hopefully they offer me a new one soon. Did it take long for them to offer you another one?
Good news, but it'sn't a real vanity URL, since Google chooses for us! Waiting for URL free decision!
My initial enthusiasm quickly crushed. The "custom" URL predetermined for my business page is not customizable. Nor is it short and easy to remember, (40+ characters!). When will you roll out a way to customise the addresses? +Otavio Silva 
I meet the criteria but I still don't have the notification. I've been on G+ since day one!
I received the email from Google with a personal vanity URL that would be fine. Requires me to give Google my personal cell phone number.

Ain't gonna happen.

What are my other options for verification??
What's happening with the rollout and why isn't it available yet for everyone? There still seems to be a sizeable amount of people who have received no Custom URL to date, including myself.
I sent a feedback request as our custom url, incorporates an additional domain extension string.  I would really to have this removed. Really wished we could have had a choice to append or not append.  Nonetheless its great that Google has made this available to businesses and I definitely understand that due to the sheer numbers of people using the service it has to be phased in and we will have some teething problems.  
Ray Lee
Waiting waiting.. like others I've been on G+ since the start and have over 10 followers! Maybe it's because of my name being quite common? But that said, I do have it as my gmail name so does that give me any priority?
Is there a delay for Google Apps accounts?
+Otavio Silva is there a way to get the pre-approved custom url attached to my main/personal account rather than the account that is managed by my employer? The account that was pre-approved is private/internal communication and wouldn't benefit from the vanity url while this account is used for just about everything.
First of all, I like that custom URLs are finally available. I just don't like that it's telling me to add a suffix to my URL to make it unique. My name is already unique. No one else has it. Why can't I get the URL you guys already selected for me which is Any ideas?
I'm having this same issue. Would love to just use my name.
Must say, I'm not overly impressed with the limitations of this enhancement. I've tried several obvious characters but none of them work. Am I meant to add '1' so my name reads +KnightFrank1 ??? That looks extremely unprofessional. WHy can't I just have +Knightfrank
My Name is also unique and google shoud know that, but...
I don't understand the extra characters and numbers it's asking me to add? It suggests using my business name; example: "" That should be all I need. I'm not understanding what "extra letters or numbers" I need to add -- why can't I simply use my trademarked business name that is my Google+ account name also? Thanks.
Rick, the vanity url is determined by the name you use in the top of the page. For example the business name. So if your page title was Link Worx Seo Indianapolis it would show the vanity url as /+linkworxseoindianapolis or for your personal page it would be /+tywhalin Does that help you?
+Ty Whalin Thanks Ty, I thought that's the way it should work, but it doesn't want to accept only the suggested name, it wants me to add extra characters. If I add extra characters, it's no longer the business name! Actually, today I'm not seeing the "get a vanity URL" offer when I log in, so maybe I didn't react fast enough.
My name hasn't been taken but I am being asked to add more characters. Why can't i have my name +Otavio Silva ?
Same for me, unfortunately. 
In my case, there is at least one other Daniel Rose who seems to be quite active, maybe he received the name and just didn't care to activate it.
If they haven't activated their URL yet, how long is it going to be reserved for them?
+Alex Garland This. I'd be glad if they eventually offered unredeemed custom URLs to other people with the same name.
Same problem here with the unique url :(
+Otavio Silva  How come Google+ denies me my brand name as a unique url? There is no other page with this name, why do I have to add characters and confuse my users?
Trying hard to use Google+, but you keep making things difficult. No wonder FB is way ahead...
What is the problem with this Vanity URL seriously, for my own profile it worked fine, but for example it's acting very stupidly for my football team's page now that it's possible to get a vanityurl.

It's suggesting and also is forcing to put random characters after that, but I want

How can I request that from +Google+  since there are no other sports teams in the world with the same name?
Alright, I will try that, but I'm suspicious that it will still try to force the Fi in the end.

Andy R.
The new TLD for the UK ".uk" has just been announced Feb 2014... so my google reserved +1 url (which i'm glad haven't picked) is already toast. GamestockCoUk
Well, seeing as I've got "Custom URLs" reserved for me that include the TLD I'm just going to sit back and wait for Google+ to come up with a mechanism to get the Custom URLs that we really want. So, let's stop getting frustrated and just go party while they sort their house out! ;-)
 I get an email saying "Get one of these URLs (or request a different one)". It's in the text (not rich text) view of the email. Please remove this text as it is not true. I cannot "request a different one".
If you are contacting me for help obtaining your Google+ page name URL then please note I cannot help with personal profile URLs – only business pages. Please provide details such as your current Google+ page URL (with number), the desired URL name, the full domain name you are linking to the page, the name options you have been given so far, how long since you linked your domain name to the page and possibly any relevant trademarks that you have. You can send me a Google+ message (via private post or hangout) or an email using my nickname at I am in the GMT/UTC timezone so realtime messaging may not be possible. Cheers!
+Otavio Silva HELP My page  +Whedonopolis has been offered but when I click to accept it wants me to add to the name to make it "unique".  It already is unique.  It's the name of our organization and website and everywhere else.
+Marsia Powers I've found that Google is taking 3 to 4 days to allow urls from .com linked domains without suffix. Getting slower. 
+VisualEyes I'm not sure what they are trying to do. I'm just finding my way to get what I want. Try registering the .com version of your name. If it is gone add a dash. In my experience you can remove the dash in edit mode but I can't guarantee that. So be careful if you have likes on the page!
It is very unfortunate that custom google+ URLs can't be changed. We changed our business name but the old name is still there in our google+ URL.
Is it possible to revert back to a non custom URL?
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