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One of those being at the right place at the right time photos. I had been meaning to explore the view from this hill for a while and finally had some time to do so. The afternoon was pretty overcast and the light was pretty dull. The view from the top of the hill was fantastic and there was a beautiful summer breeze blowing. The sun would try to pop through the clouds every so often. I hung around for a while, waiting for the sun to break through the clouds. It was getting towards 7:00 p.m. and I needed to get back home. As I was heading down the hill, the sun final broke through with its beautiful strong light hitting the trees. I had just enough time to get three compositions in. This one is the best for the afternoon.
Taken with an iPhone 5, HDR mode, enhanced with Camera+.
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Love the shot, the lighting is quite interesting.
Where was it taken is that Black Mountain in the ACT Australia at the far right?
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