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Osvaldo Andreaus (DBB)
life is lemons
life is lemons

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Disa 0.9.9 (256) | 22
Facebook plug in 25
Sony Xperia Z3 compact Android 5.1.1

Adding a video to a conversation produces a "Failed to process the video". After that when exiting the video editor Disa freezes and slows the system down until android prompts me to force quit it. 

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"I don't use Apple products because I want my machines to do what I want, not what they allow me."

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Next on line by Pebble watch: Pebble Time Round Steel

i wish there was a way to filter out hiphop/rap songs from Play Music unless I specifically searched for a song . :(

Why 99% of top songs on Google Play are rap/hiphop? if only the google websites followed the material design logic....
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