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Arrangement of app folders is too puzzlelike: if I want to move rightmost folder to empty place bellow, all the apps/folders will change the place on the row below and first one (leftmost) will be rightmost above - it takes the place of the folder I am moving.

#store  prices (EUR at least) seems to be cheaper on iOS than Android. Not very fair I would dare to claim.

Hi, thanks for the app, I have been using it for an year or two... can't remember exactly.

I have a feature request: could there be a column/display for each exercise about "last done" in the list view for exercises. I know that can be seen from the "history" tab/section of each exercise but it requires lots of clicking, navigation.

While exercising, I usually rotate the exercises from oldest (longest time since). Kind of continue where I left last time.

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+Tim O'Reilly is getting sucked into a Google+ Diet.

Publishing genius Tim O'Reilly is gradually becoming enamored of a varient of the Google+ Diet.

In fact, his Twitter feed recently shows a newfound appreciation for using Twitter as a way to link his massive Twitter following over to Google+ for a real conversation:!/timoreilly

He's also been talking about how Google+ is now his primary blogging platform, and more important than his own blog.

Here are some nuggets he's Tweeted recently:

"How G+ is changing my habits: I keep seeing tweets I like and wanting to +1 them. 'Favorite' seems too strong. I just want to say 'me too.'"

He says Google+ is "Like a tumblr 2.0, but more social."

"I post on G+, and then take the best of the posts to the blog. G+ posts can be more minimal."

"I get more interaction on g+ than on the blog, which is why I made it primary."

"Actually, G+ is my favorite blogging platform, because it lets me direct some posts to the public, and some to my friends."

Google+ isn't the Internet? Google+ "is more internet than Apple or FB, and on par with Twitter."

"I find incredibly compelling content from the people I've circled."

"It's a terrific service. I love G+."

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Google announces 'Account Activity,' which tells you what you've been doing.

OK, this is awesome. Google just announced a new service called Account Activity.

You sign up for it, and Google will send you a monthly report full of stats on your own Google account. It's a kind of a "quantified self" tool for stuff you do on Google services like Gmail, Search and YouTube. It also shows you some data on how others use your content -- for example, it will say how many people have watched your YouTube videos.

Best of all, it will tell you if "you" have been logging in from, say, North Korea so you can take action and change your password or whatever.

Here's the announcement:

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50GB of storage free forever is giving away 50GB of storage, forever, if you sign up with the Android app in the next 30 days. It's starting to get pretty competitive in here...

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Imagine if when you used a D700 to take a photo, you owed Nikon a 30% cut if you ever sold it.

Imagine if when you used a Ultra SDHC to store the photo, you owed SanDisk a 30% cut.

Imagine if when you used Photoshop to retouch the photo, you owed Adobe a 30% cut.

Imagine if when you used a Mac when uploading the photo, you owed Apple a 30% cut.

Imagine if.

What a Flow, what a Flow indeed. Thank you JM!
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