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Check out our new game. Rate it, Give us your feedback.
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Hello ECMA-408, the new official Dart Programming Language Specification!

Download it here:

+Gilad Bracha writes:

ECMA formally approved the Dart language specification just a few days ago.

We just had the third meeting of ECMA TC52, the Dart standards committee.
We discussed enums, deferred loading, async, and minor bug fixes to the existing spec. 

We decided not to vote on deferred loading, even though that is pretty much done, and rather deal with all proposed changes to the freshly minted spec later in the year. Our next meeting is in Switzerland on September 16th. The goal is to formally incorporate enums and deferred loading, and at least a subset of the async proposal, in the next rev of the spec, which we hope to get done by the end of 2014.

Bear in mind that deferred loading is shipping; the existing spec allows experimentation on that.

Wrt to enums, I will publish a revised draft proposal soon. Differences vs. the last draft are very minor.

As for async - we are working on an article to explain our plans. Since that is taking a bit longer, I want to explain where we are in a separate mail later today.

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We and the +Nitrux S.A. have been discussing a list of default apps of our (yet-unnamed) OS and so far we've settled on the following list of default apps:
Web browser - Chrome/ium;
Files - Gnome Files;
Gaming - Steam;
Archive manager - File-roller;
Calculator - Gnome-calculator;
Document viewer - Evince;
Terminal - Final term;
Image viewer - Viewnoir / Eye Of Gnome;
Chat app - Empathy; 
Music player - +xnoise;
Video player - Gnome Videos;
Text editor - Gedit 3.12;
Torrent Client - Transmission;
Naturally we will include apps like System Settings, System Monitor, Dconf Editor, Tweak tool and some sort of Software Centre/Package Manager.
In before questions like "Why did you choose Chrome/ium over Firefox?" (for example) come - we do realise that whatever we choose we can not please everyone. That's simply impossible. 
Also - this list may change, this is our current decision, we will announce our final when we have settled on it.
Cheers! :)
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At last \o/
50 Beta Testers Wanted for Official MIUI for Nexus 7 II
Apply here:
MIUI for Nexus 7 II will have a special UI and layout for the tablet. Are your interested? Come on and join the beta team to test it! :D
1. You need to have a Nexus 7 II tablet
2. Your MIUI English forum credits should be over 50
3. You need to report bugs in this forum
4. You need to write a review about MIUI on Nexus 7 II and post it on this forum 
5.  Please don’t leak the rom package before the official release.
1. Read permission: 90
2. Larger attachment size
3. Access to MIUI daily updates
4. Priority of joining MIUI official activities
5. Special forum rewards and medals
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So, in case you haven't watched the Linux Action Show here is part of our big announcement. 
Yeah, we're doing a custom desktop shell built on top of Gnome-Shell.
More details are to come tomorrow.
For now just have this little teaser.
Also, we're working with collaboration with the +Nitrux S.A..
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I have created a theme for Sublime Text that matches +Numix Project  theme. You can grab it from Package Control. Source code is here:
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I think system update and battery life screenshots should be disallowed.
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