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Lifetime Mortgage Advice Video Breakdown - Check it out here

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Tax Planning Video Guide

The value of investments and the income they produce can fall as well as rise. You may get back less than you invested. 
Tax treatment depends on individual circumstances.
Tax treatment rates and allowances are subject to change. 
Investors do not pay any personal tax on income or gains from an ISA, but ISAs do pay tax

Our Tips & Advice on Tax Planning! It's a must watch!! Video breakdown

Current Economic Factors Influencing Mortgage Choices

The chance to lock into an ultra-cheap mortgage is set to disappear, borrowers are being warned, as a number of factors now point to a period of rising rates.  Those who have not yet switched to a fixed-rate deal should consider this as an option.

Mortgage rates have been falling for years, driven partly by a historically low Bank Rate but also by lenders’ increased competition for a smaller overall pool of borrowers.  In the period immediately after the financial crisis, when it has been difficult for many borrowers to obtain mortgages, most lenders relaxed their criteria. Those with smaller deposits in particular are now more easily able to secure loans.

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Making a U-Turn

So your client (Mr P Hammond?) has made an elementary blunder.
There are three ways forward: tough it out, try and dilute it, or capitulate. Each one is fraught with danger, but they are different dangers.

Tough it out:
The media is easily bored. You could argue that Scottish independence had already knocked the Budget blunder off the agenda, and a campaign that pointed out the logic (privileges of the self-employed, etc.) might cause them to lose interest. The problem is that you can't be sure of something else coming along soon enough to limit the damage.

Try and dilute it:
The classic response: we'll have a comprehensive review of the whole subject, and it would be silly to change anything while this was in progress. Of course, should the review conclude that further changes were necessary, then we would look carefully.

This is the hardest of all, because it makes you look weak and confused. Grovelling is never pleasant. Dress it up as listening to the views of others, understanding that we're a broad kirk, prepared to be flexible, etc. In some ways the best, cleanest way out, but it only works if it's done promptly. Pain now, survival (you hope) and gain later. You may be forgiven, but don't expect it to be forgotten.

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When Should You Start Investing - Full article here

Lifetime mortgages: the different types - Find out here

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How To Save Tax Efficiently

The one thing about tax years is they end, every April. Something else ends with them – that year’s ISA allowance, all gone, forever.

After all the taxman doesn’t want you to have too much of a good thing.
So why are ISAs Such a good thing?

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