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OsciPrime Android Oscilloscope
OsciPrime: Open Source from bottom to top
OsciPrime: Open Source from bottom to top

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We have written up a guide of how to get started with Android and Home Automation.

We hop it is helpful for your own project :)

We are working on a new update of the Android Application. Down the road we are going to implement the following feature:

- extended data logging into the devices RAM
- exporting of acquired data
- USB Low Frequency Support
- USB High Frequency Single-Channel Support (max 24 Msps/s)

Cool thing: We can do all that in software without requiring you to upgrade firmware on your OsciPrime USB Scope :)

The update is not going to be done instantly though and also some testing is required. Feel free to get in touch with us to receive a Beta version.

All the best

Fantastic stuff at the Google IO. Wondering how we can favor the games API for the OsciPrime :)

We had a fantastic time at the #droidcon in Berlin. Thanks you for attending our talk, we hope you enjoyed it! :)

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Using the OsciPrime Android Application with the microphone input to measure physic experiments via photogate buzzer: Thank you Gary for this awesome demonstration!

Hello everyone!

If you want to check out the OsciPrime at the Embedded World (and to see if it runs with your tablet/phone) then visit us at Booth 5-440.

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Hello everyone, join our humble community :)

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Talk at GDG Zürich, thanks to GTUG Zurich

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OsciPrime at ELCE Showcase

We had a great time at the ELCE showcase. Many interesting people and talks at our stand. Thanks everyone for visiting us!
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Getting started guide now available online

Hello everyone,

If you are so lucky that you have just received your OsciPrime hardware, then you should definitely check out our brand-new getting started guide on how to calibrate your scope etc.

Take care
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