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Hi Everyone, I'd love to introduce you to Vanesa Rey.

I met Vanesa in 2009, at a WordPress event. She's one of those people you'll meet and never forget. We kept in touch over twitter and recently we decided to work on a project together. She ventured out on her own after a very successful career with a global entertainment powerhouse. She decided it was Vanesa's time, and I'm very proud of her for taking that step.

Of course, she needed a website and that is where the project came to life. We worked on the concept, designed it and brought it to life. Last Friday we did a soft-launch of the website, and we have the grand opening planned in about a month or so.

Here's her website, it's about Style, Fashion, Travel, and Career with a focus on the younger "working girl" generation. It's a website, it's a blog, it's a resource, but most of all it's here to empower you and inspire you.

Take a look and say hi to Vanesa, or leave me some comments here. I'd love to hear what you think about the site (I'm sure she would love to hear too). - by Vanesa Rey, smart, stylish living on a working girl's budget.
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Hi Vanesa Rey! Oscar! Love where you are taking this site. Interested to see the finished product.
Nice introduction. I think we already met through your site, and sound of music.
I've looked at the website and recommended it to my girlfriend. I like how it's focused and the content appealed to me (which is surprising ;)). I'm curious to find out what my girlfriend thinks, I'm sure she'll love the bookshelf article since we're currently discussing our own bookshelves!
Hello! Nice to meet you! ; )
I wish you luck and succes with your beautiful and elegant website.Regards from Switzerland.
Do you guys have feedback for me? how was your experience when you visited?
The website is very well done, you two. Congrats, and thanks for the introduction!
Sorry if I sound overly critical (I'm a web developer, so I can't help but nitpick)...

The fonts seem a bit rough. You should look into using Google Web Fonts. They're very nice and load super fast and guaranteed cross-browser compatible.

Also the social bar on the right left that "slides" down as you scroll. This can easily be accomplished with CSS (position:fixed) and eliminate some overhead on that JavaScript. It also looks nicer (no delayed/jumpy reaction) in my opinion.

There also seems to be some CSS issues with the email-signup stuff under the bio.
Thanks Kevin and I appreciate that feedback! The fonts are actually google webfonts. The slider on the left is temporary, unfortunately the overhead isn't on loading it but on calling the different services to get a count on the likes/shares/etc. -- And yes, the sign up box does have a few issues CSS/html & design wise and that's getting fixed next. Dude, but thanks for the feedback!
Oscar - great job on the site. The colors are fantastic and really draw the eyes in on every page.

And Vanesa - the whole concept is wife loves finding great budget friendly style ideas and you offer many brilliant suggestions. All the best!!
nicely done site: I love the piece on the Congo orchestra
Love professional sites!! Awesome!!
S Lien
Great looking site, well done!
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