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Trying something different for #SMMOC discussions today.

Live "plusing" The topics today.

Here's what's on the board.
Covering Google "sitewise"
Ideas in promoting a Facebook Page
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A good way to get likes and numbers on your Faceboook page is to market your advertisment to countries where the clicks are cheaper. These people in other countries also have friends in the US so you save money and still get likes on the cheap. Target users in India or Asia. Cost is about $0.01/like. has over 100K likes in a very short time.
On Facebook. FBML - Is going away in preference for iframes.
Facebook: Contests work really well to get likes and new fans. Use WooBox to help you with this.
hi oscar... i'm lurking smmoc from home today.
I agree Oscar. I've been targeting a few of my client's Facebook ads to other countries and it works like a charm. I'm very pleased with the amount of new likes we get as well as the cost of the clicks. helps you connect with experts to get your questions answered. It's community regulated so the answers are filtered really well.
Transparency is important. Look for examples of big corporations where the CEO, owners and top level people are using Social Media themselves. Guys this is the new way that things are happening. The leaders, most of all need to be in it, not all the time, but enough to be there. Look at for example. is the Facebook for bookworms and authors. You can keep track of books you've read, what you're reading now and what your friends and favorite authors are up to.
Biggest takeaway. How to increase likes on facebook by targeting offshore audience.
Thanks for the recap, Oscar. It was great to be able to get a sprinkling of what I missed, and some excellent resources, too. I would love a way to refer back to it, like Kim asks above. Thoughts?
Hi +Linda Abbit & +Kim Reynolds Glad you guys liked it. For me all the "other" messges were spam, like +Mel Aclaro pointed out, somem were spam, some were legitimate. That's what most people found out I think. As for notes, I collect them over here on - - And that includes any blogposts I find, Mel's mindmpaps, notes and pictures or videos so if you have other notes to suggest, please let me know. But you can bookmark these (my google+ post) notes with this link too - -
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