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Instagram+ & OGInsta+ v8.2.0

-Improvements and bug fixes

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Working Fine Till Now.. Using continues..😊😊 Thanks a lot OG..
Ok, after using like 10mins, it Closed and its happening since then every 5mins or so... So rolling back to v7.16 AGAIN... 😢😢😢
Force close bug after some minutes !!
Force Close after few minutes using..😣😣
I just updated but why it still showing the old UI? 
+Tiziano Franceschini i did it but still shows the old UI til i closed it again and now it's the new UI but sometimes it goes back to old UI don't know why thx anyway 
+Tiziano Franceschini i swear it chaged to the new one the i closed the app then restarted it again it went back to old UI so i re-closed and re-opened it and it's the new UI now lol weird 
Great work! No problems at all. 👍👍
I do NOT have or ever had any Problems at all with any of the Mods.
Great work!
Force close bug after some minutes :(
+Abhinav Soni​ i deleted data and tried to insall the oginsta also but all have the same problem
Any way i'm back to the older version.
After 2 days without problem but now it keeps force closed...!!! 
did fresh Installation on fresh ROM , still force close
Force close 😢😢😢😢😢 please fix
Nice update,i don't find any problem in this version,great work dev
After several minutes it crashed and force closes even after w fresh installation plz fix it +OG Mods​
Can you reupload file? I cant download it and if i have success whem i try to install it it tells me that package is corrupted...
can someone link me to the apk or something? i havent been able to use +OG Mods​ site for over a month and i guess he doesn't care.
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