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Instagram+ & OGInsta+ v7.22.0

-Added "Follows You" back again
-Improvements and bug fixes

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Why oginsta+ now.. Instagram supports multiple accounts. 
+Ram Raut couse some devices comes with instagram already installed and can't be uninstalled without root (like s6, s7, etc..)
If you think so then you are a loser.
Og insta got much more good features than original insta. We can zoom pics . Download pics. Copy the caption. Youtube links access. And much more +Ram Raut​
+Bala Murugan​ I know it's better than original Instagram that's why I use it. My point was why now when Instagram supports multiple accounts. I didn't know that Sammy has it pre-installed on many devices.

Yeah, this update keeps crashing and won't let me open up Instagram unfortunately.
Clear data will work, as long as you don't download more then 5 photos. Then it will start crashing again.
Don't know if anyone experiences this but on Android when I try to download anything it keeps endlessly redirecting me
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