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Some cool new updates to Google Forms!
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Go, go, edcamp, go! {rwc}
Looking forward to edcamp Gorge!
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Illustrated quizzes, anyone?

Did you know that you can embed images in a Google Form?
Today's Apps tutorial comes from educator, +Aida Awad. This video will walk you through the step-by-step process of editing the code of a form in order to insert images.

Go on, try it out.

#tutorialtuesday #gappsedu #dailygedu   +Google Drive 
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We're getting excited for another fabulous year!
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We're excited to travel east in two weeks!
Nice work, +Timothy Welch. The Eastern Oregon Google Summit flyer was featured on the homepage of Smore this weekend. :)

We have a statewide Oregon Google Summit each fall. This year we're expanding and offering Google Summits at multiple locations and times. Tim's done a great job coordinating with Eastern Oregon University and InterMountain Education Service District to pull this together.

Go team, #ORVSD!
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After a long summer of trainings and play, the +Oregon Virtual School District Training Team is back in action! We're excited to host the fourth annual Oregon Google Summit next Friday, October 11.

We're welcoming 400 attendees to Westview High School in Beaverton, Oregon. Last-minute registration is open until this Thursday, October 3.

See you there! #goog13  

(We'll miss +Jaime Casap, +Jordan Pedraza, +Becky Evans  and our super Google team! We'll tag you all during the day. Good Google-ly fun in Oregon next Friday.)
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Virtual popcorn provided.... {rwc}   #latenight   #learning  
Join me for:
Google Apps to Flip your Classroom  April 9th 8-9pm 
Go to ORVSD WebEx Meeting Page - see link below
Select attend a meeting
Google Apps to Flip your Classroom 

Use the following information to join the meeting
  Meeting number:   492 939 090
  Meeting password:   llnickgoogle

Access notes for this training in advance at the following link.

You will have the best experience if you have a working microphone and speakers/headphones to interact, but you can also type in questions.

The entire training will be recorded and viewable 24 hours later at the following site.

orvsd | nickersonl

This is also where you can reprint training materials and PDU certificates.

Thanks for participating in this ORVSD training.
If you need more detailed instructions they are listed below.

Laura Nickerson
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Go. Sign up now....
 Only 2 days until....
Using Google Docs and QR codes for ipads Dec  5th - 3:45- 4:45pm 
Join us online for this ORVSD training!

Sign up Today
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Great venue (thanks, +Tricia George!), great attendees, great presenters, great learning, great fun..... {rwc}
Reflections coming soon. For now, we're thankful to all for another great day of Google Summit fun! #goog12   #appsct
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Hoorah! {rachel}
Registration is now open for the 3rd annual Oregon Google Summit. It's the year of the robots! Stay tuned for puzzles and challenges in our weekly countdown.

Friday, October 12
Rock Creek Middle School
Portland/Clackamas, Oregon

Hope to see you there!
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+Corin Richards and I are at #acpenw2012 this week. We got to talk about our favorite subject, Google Apps for Ed, and show off great examples from Oregon teachers and students.

Our slide deck is public:

+Dana Nguyen supported us through a whirlwind two years. This is one of our going-away gifts. :) There's a lot of good happening. (+Jaime Casap and +steve nelson get the hat tip for the many months of work on the Oregon contract.)
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ORVSD is a free resource for online teaching and learning designed to promote the use of technology in Oregon classrooms.

ORVSD is a free resource for online teaching and learning designed to promote the use of technology in Oregon classrooms.

We offer Oregon public school educators the opportunity to find and share online resources, learn and use cutting edge online tools, and discuss how to put them to use in the classroom.

Whether you’re thirsty for more or just getting started, we’re here to help.

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