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Stretch Wrappers & Pallet Wrapping Equipment - Automatic & Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrapping Machines
Stretch Wrappers & Pallet Wrapping Equipment - Automatic & Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrapping Machines


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Orion's Turntable Automatic Stretch Wrapping System FA offers flexibility, performance, structural integrity, and much more for effective and efficient stretch wrapping.  
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Orion specializes in stretch wrapping solutions for end of line packaging.  With over 25 years of experience, the company is able to provide its customers with reliable systems that deliver industry leading capabilities and superior value.  Offering automatic and semi-automatic stretch wrapping solutions, companies have found that Orion’s machines allow for maximum throughput in the packaging process.

In recent years, Orion has worked with customers to create innovations for machinery in the packaging process.  Now available are wireless remote options for the Flex A Series of stand-alone stretch wrappers.  By utilizing handheld wireless remotes, the stretch wrapping cycle is more effective and efficient.  

Orion’s Flex A Series is a series of stand-alone automatic wrappers.  Features on this machine include an automatic film tail holder and cut-off that allows forklift drivers to wrap loads without getting off their vehicle.  Operators simply place the load and begin the wrap cycle with the hand held remove. 

Benefits of utilizing the new wireless remote from Orion include time saving and increased efficiency.  This remove has brought convenience to the stretch wrapping process.  Drivers operate the remote pushing two buttons—one establishes proprietary communication with the machine and the second initiates the wrap cycle.  

Addition advantages to using the wireless remote option for the Flex A stretch wrappers include its unique RF frequencies to prevent accidental activation from stray signals within the facility.  It is important to note that to activate the machine, the transmitter must be within a prescribed range.  

Orion is powered by Pro Mach, a provider of integrated packaging and processing products and solutions.  Pro Mach utilizes its multiple brands to provide customers with product packaging and processing equipment, PMMI certified training, installation, parts, and service in primary packaging, flexible packaging, end of line packaging, bottling and capping, material handling, and identification and tracking.  
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End of Line Packaging Solutions – Reduction in Stretch Film Consumption

Orion has positioned itself to ensure that customers achieve maximum throughput in the production room without sacrificing in material costs.  To improve end of line packaging processing, stretch film consumption has been reduced.

The sustainability of packaging covers a broad range of factors including social, economic, and environmental impacts.  By the implementation of stretch film consumption reductions, the sustainability of transporting pallet loads has been improved.

While at first glace stretch film seems inconsequential, statistics have proven otherwise.  In 2006, organizations spent $1.5 billion on stretch film.  And that calculation has only risen since.  In addition to other expenses, companies packaging and production costs can escalate quickly.  

That is when companies must search for ways to cut costs without sacrificing quality.  Orion has established a viable solution.  Reducing stretch film consumption will help companies in cost savings and in remaining environmentally friendly.  

According to Dow Chemical Company, there have been many advances in chemistry and enhanced products and services that allow for the down-gauge of stretch film by more than 25 percent.  

With viable solutions, Orion makes it easy for companies to achieve maximum throughput, increased productivity, quality packaging, all without financial burden.  Stretch film is not a thin or flimsy material.  It is highly engineered and designed to be pre-stretched within a specific range so that the material’s maximum strength is achieved.

The application process can be done in one of two ways—by hand or automated by machine.  Hand wrapping is time consuming, labor intensive, and a slow process.  Manual effort is not effective for stretch film more than 10 to 20 percent.  In effect, hand wrapping is disadvantageous for unit stabilization and holding strength.  

Automated machines are the preferred method of stretch wrapping.  This method allows for high performance, increased speed, operator and worker safety, and much more. 
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Reducing Stretch Film Consumption Improves Sustainability
When using stretch film to wrap pallet loads, it can become costly very quickly.  Orion understands this problem and has made great strides in reducing costs.  The solution is to reduce stretch film consumption.  In turn, this improves sustainability. 
The sustainability of packages affects the environment and economy.  Reducing stretch film consumption is essential for improving sustainability of transporting pallet loads.  Conserving packaging material may seem trivial.  However,  Dow Chemical Company reported that down-gauging stretch film by 25 percent has saved one billion pounds of polyethylene resin each year.  Think of it this way—that is energy savings of 293 million gallons of gasoline or heating and cooling for 643,000 homes each year. 
Stretch film maters!  The way in which it is made makes a big difference.  Using highly engineered material, stretch film can be pre-stretched to ensure maximum strength.  In addition, it’s important to consider how stretch film is applied—by hand or by machine. 
Hand wrapping is incredibly laborious, not to mention time consuming.  Manual efforts affect the strength and unit stabilization.  In contrast, stretch wrap machines are available from Orion to improve performance from the material and eliminate the many negative effects of hand wrapping. 
The more material is stretched, the lower the usage.  In turn, this means that companies save more.  In addition, companies benefit from machine wrapping by lowering labor costs, improving load stabilization, and decreasing pallet load damage during transportation. 
Though the initial cost of purchasing a stretch wrap machine is greater than hand wrapping, the machine is typically justified on a return on investment basis.  Simply calculate the material and labor savings and you will see the enormous savings and advantages of investing in stretch wrapping machinery.
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