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How To Become an Activist
A Hands On Workshop 

Hosted by Filmmaker, and Founder of Voice Between Worlds, 501(c ) 3,
Oriah Mirza

Do you want to become an activist? Does it seem like an impossible task? Maybe you don’t have the experience you believe to take your vision, or idea to the mass population and share it. You don’t need to. You just need the passion, encouraging your own small support team and the tools to begin your launch.

I am a mother of five, self taught entrepreneur with a high school diploma. What I had was a story, the story of how I made it out of domestic violence. I also had a passion for helping other women. With those two important factors, I set out to discover how to share my vision. In doing so, I became an activist without even really trying, I just became one because I had a deep interest to share my story with other women. Share how I transformed my entire life and my family’s life. 

I decided to make a documentary about my life, which slowly turned out to be an educational film empowering young people about how not to become a victim of domestic violence and sex trafficking. I interviewed victims and activists across the country. It is a grassroots project, totally out-of-pocket with the support of some close friends and family. I had also become a life coach. You do not have to become a life coach yourself, it is one avenue. For many years I helped women especially, empower themselves and understand the choices they made, and the patterns they created. 

I decided in order to raise money, and help people around the world, I should open a non- profit, so that’s what I did. It was a longer process, and I employed the help of my friend who knew how to write grants and fill out contracts such as these. It was unbelieveable that within a year, I had transitioned from a life coach to a filmmaker (I am submitting to Sundance 2015), and founder of a non-profit. I became an activist for women’s rights and gender equality. I was asked to speak internationally in two women’s leadership conferences. I also became passionate about educating young people how to find self value and learn to make non-violent choices. Just through my story!


In order to become an activist, you need a passion. One that doesn’t get old for you, one that lights your fire every time you speak about it. One that you know you have a lot of information about and can help others with your voice. And keep in mind, you don’t have to be a speaker. You can use any ability or talent you have. If you don’t think you don’t have one, that’s where I come in! I can help you uncover what your passion is, the one that is near and dear to your heart. One that really help people understand who you are just a little better.

From this stage we are in now, the sky’s the limit. Video’s are being made, marketing and branding is developing and articles are being written. Promo reels of my talks are going out to managers of professional speakers, and much more. There are only three people helping me, and they have full time jobs! So, not every moment is consumed with doing what I am doing. I still have family time, and take care of my health and wellbeing. Not an ounce of me is suffering or feels this is hard. I actually have taken my time!

I know one thing for certain, when you believe in what you are doing you will attract your audience. I have come further than I ever dreamed possible. I am here as an example that anyone can become an activist, be taken seriously and produce results.

Here are some measurable results:

Created a handful of amazing programs with my non profit, Voice Between Worlds with individuals who want to share their heart and their love for what they do. Now that we are official, they have begun formulating their programs, and we have hired help to sift through all the grants to find the best one for us.
We have created a brand, a mission statement for Oriah Mirza. (myself) I am a speaker to empower and educate individuals to speak from their heart and transform their lives overcoming any hardship. There is no reason life has to be hard! And I will show you how you can follow your dreams effortlessly.
Film, Been There (this includes the service or product available you will make to the public.) When the film is complete, my goal is to make it available on Netflix and in the educational school system. I am in talks with those connections now.
I have hired an editor who believes in my work, and is offering a discounted rate for our film.
I am reaching out to potential investors or sponsors who would like to be apart of the film or the non profit programs.
I have spoken at several events and been on a few radio shows with little effort. My passion has encouraged this rapid response. 
Hired a marketing team (I will pass this company on to you-mention my name for a special offer) Sage Stream Media to package and market my video reels and platform specifically for transformational projects such as mine. 
We are in the final phase of filming and are gathering the last few interviews, and hiring filmmakers to shoot in various states.
A new web designer will be looking at my existing sites and helping them become more streamlined and set up for membership and donations.
We have no budget, and most of these arrangements have been strategic planning, bartering, exchanges, and payment arrangements. 
 We will be moving on to non profit crowdsourcing, and fundraising for the post production of the film. 
We begun to reach out to some government officials, and former UN officials to see what we can do in collaboration. 
I have joined many alliances and other organizations, and partnered with nonprofits that compliment my work. 

Of course, it is on going, and there’s always more opportunities that pop up and there is an exciting trail to follow. If I waited for big funding, a huge celebrity presence and a large support network, I would still be waiting. This is what stops people in their tracks, it seems too big and too looming. Too much to do. It really is no more than starting any new business, from baking to a fashion line. It starts with an idea, and you build down and a tree. 

With my list given here, there are so many details about how, and where and the best way to get approved and resources that are not mentioned here, that we decided to put into a workshop to help you choose an area you want to support and help make a difference, and help you take it all the way through to fundraising and beyond. There’s experts in every field waiting to help you see your vision through. When there’s a will, there’s a way! Never give up on what you feel is best for you. Last year, I was a life coach mentoring individuals from my I am unrecognizable doing the unimaginable and all the while following my dream. All I did was follow the steps. 


I have asked two of my colleagues to speak on a panel with me:  CHRISTY CALAFATI, Owner of Canyon Salon Westlake Village, CA, Lifestyle Editor for 90265 and the Local Malibu. Product and charity brands success. Producer of Been There the documentary.
http:/, Westlake Village, CA

ERICA PASTORE, CEO & Founder, Fundraising, Marketing & Social Media, Grant Writing and Evaluation, Project Management, Arts Management MA, Strategic Business Planning, Malibu, California

In our workshop you will find out:

-How to write a grant, and where to get support
-How to apply for non profit status, where to go and get approved!
-How to put on a fundraiser
-How to start your mission statement
-Video, branding and marketing
-We will help you find your voice
-We will show you how easy it is with step-by-step instruction
-We will show you how every voice matters, including yours.

Becoming an activist is not for everyone, but if you want to build from the ground up, a project that is your own, created by you that makes a difference in the planet...this workshop is for you.

We are charging $199 per person from 5pm-9pm
Monday, June 29th
You will be invoiced through Pay Pal to hold your seat
Location: Four Seasons Hotel, Westlake Village, CA
More instructions will be given upon your reservation.

All credit cards are accepted.

 A Hands On Workshop  Hosted by Filmmaker, and Founder of Voice Between Worlds, 501(c ) 3,Oriah Mirza Do you want to become an activist? Does it seem like an impossible task? Maybe you don’t have the experience you believe to take your vision, or idea to the mass population and share it. You don’t need to. You just need the passion, encouraging your own small support team and the tools to begin your launch. I am a mother of five, self taught entr...
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Oriah Miller

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Meet Angela Harris, who has survived domestic violence. She is one of the women we follow in our documentary made from the stories of women who have transcended domestic violence in it's many forms. Sharing their stories from the moment when they knew enough is enough, these women are the true leaders of our movement towards gender equality and peace. They are your voice, they are our voice, they are every woman. 

Filmmaker and director Oriah Mirza was inspired by her own story of ending violence, emotional and mental instability, and the generations that proceeded her on both sides of her family from trauma. Her movement is grassroots and from the heart, as she takes us on a tour of skid row where Angela lived, women's shelters, and women in every economic class to help share their wisdom passed from woman to woman. She helps them find their voice to share with women around the world, how they did it, how they ended violence and trauma for good. 

Oriah is the founder of a new Non Profit, Voice Between Worlds, and has found a way to have Lead Mentors, women who share their wisdom organically with others and pass the torch in an effective and lasting way.

Women Empower (WE)  is a flagship program for women who want to Share Their Stories with other women in various stages of domestic violence, from the beginning to freedom. Lead Mentor, spoken word artist and performer Angela Harris, a self empower victor over domestic violence and formerly living on Skid Row and shelters such as Alexandria House has teamed up with director Oriah Mirza to be coached and mentored by her, to be able to share her success with the women she meets, especially homeless women and women in domestic violence shelters. Avail by chat, text, in person and by phone Angela shares her hands on wisdom on how she made it. With Oriah’s guidance she has opened Skidrow Sista Productions.

The program is designed to pass to torch, so women who become excited and empowered by the tools and inspiration to live a violence free life, can encourage other women with their stories. Women sharing and helping each other, with tangible mentorship tools, they can empower women to share their own stories with other women. Angela Project216 is derived from the Women Empower Program through Voice Between Worlds. Angela is the main subject of Voice Between Worlds first film, Been There. The film inspired by Oriah Mirza’s life. 

 Your donation goes towards the production of Been There the movie, launching the WE program, and helping distribute this very important empowerment documentary at a time when all women need to hear from other women who made it. The time is now, and let our voices be heard. (Websites are in various stages of development.)

Voice Between Worlds

In Association with 
Oriah Productions

Been There the movie

Created and Directed by 
Oriah Mirza

Produced by 
Oriah Mirza
Christy Calafati

Sponsored by
Alexandria House
Transitional Shelter

Oriah Miller

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Oriah Miller

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TODAY: International Day to End Violence against Women, NOV 25
(See how you can help this Summit by attending and donating to my Domestic violence film below)

25 November, International Day to End Violence against Women!
It’s time to fulfil the promise to end violence against women …
UN Women Executive Director Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka calls for action to end violence against women: “Women are beaten in their homes, harassed on the streets, bullied on the internet. Globally, 1 in 3 women will experience physical or sexual violence at some point in her life. In some conflict situations, it may be more dangerous to be a girl or a woman than to be a soldier. Violence against women has become a real epidemic that must be stopped.”

Please support this wonderful cause and also we need your help. Please donate to MY FILM on domestic violence. Http://

1 out of every 3 (!) women are being abused. That means everyone you know. Epidemic. If it was Aids or Ebola you would help immediately! This is a quiet matter. Hidden behind closed doors. Affluent to poor, any race. This is your problem too. Educated men and women.

To donate email or send pay pal directly. Understand your actions make a difference. Film changes lives. Documentaries get the information out internationally. Thank you!
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Oriah Miller

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Please watch my PSA for my new documentary to help bring awareness to this important issue. Thank you! 
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Oriah Miller

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A True Story

by Oriah Mirza

“Been There”

Journey to the heart 

An inspirational  true story of a mother of five who succumbed to violence and addictions only to soar past her demons to now passionately help desperately pain stricken women on the edge, in domestic violence shelters. Follow her as she attempts to fulfill her dream as a passionate speaker that will change every life that she speaks to.

Outline-A heart wrenching documentary about a 41 year old mother of five’s journey to find and use the power of her voice to overcome her past and build her future. From her youth battling violence and suppression in 7 different inner city schools, to having 3 children by the age of 23, being raped several times, and being married 5 times, Oriah has experienced a life that provoked a deep long term depression and alcoholism that dreadfully many people can relate to.

However, Oriah did not let her circumstances control the path of her life. She has since healed her past  and began the path to become an inspirational speaker to empower countless women and help them find inner peace. Her goal now is spread the wings of her voice to nonprofit organizations and charities. To reach out to anyone in need and provide them with the tools to reinvent their lives and utilize the power and love within themselves to create a truly fulfilling and beautiful life.

In 1973, a little girl named Barbara Miller was born to an immigrant mother from Honduras and a high school drop-out father from Burbank, California. Both parents had previous children, and both had lost them, one to a forced adoption and the other, through parental kidnapping. She was raised as an only child in a very strict Christian based, cult- like church. She was innocent and sweet and loved the arts, always playing and trying to find friends as her parents moved 20 times by the time she was 18.

 Going from one inner city to another, the injustices of these areas quickly started to affect Barbara, and she began to fight. Her family lived mostly in different parts of East Los Angeles and San Bernardino, two of Los Angeles County’s most violent and poverty stricken areas. Her father taught her how to defend herself in school as she was the minority and was constantly harassed and bullied. Eventually, she was expelled from her high school for fighting too much and breaking another girl’s face. In her strict and conservative household, her father raised her that men were the authority, and her mother was a ‘simpleton’. Yet, by her senior year, she knew her father was wrong, and she also knew being beat up just because you look different and act different was wrong. As a teen, Barbara found a way to persevere by finding solace in the arts. She became a prolific artist but was surrounded with violence in San Bernardino so she began to develop her massive survivor persona.

 After high school, life took an unusual turn for Barbara. She was planning to follow her dream of going to art school in Paris  and get a job as an airline stewardess and travel the world. Instead, she impulsively decided to move out of her parent’s home and in with her boyfriend, who she ended up marrying at 18. By age 23, she had three children and wanted a divorce. The family having little to no  income, living off only her husband’s apprentice electrician’s salary, Barbara’s husband had introduced her to stripping as a way to support them. Her life had flipped upside down, and the reality was she was having difficulty feeding her children, let alone herself. She took the money from stripping, left her husband and started working in sales full time to support herself and try to create a better life for her children.

 Barbara’s husband went to court and took custody of the three children, and Barbara started drinking to cope with life without her children as she fought and struggled desperately in the court system for 13 years to regain custody, which she gained and lost over and over. By the time she was 30, she had been married 3 times and had been drinking for years. She went back and forth between stripping, sales, and the entertainment business, and she realized she had become merely a statistic. Crying herself to sleep was no longer an option.

 At this time, Barbara turned to drugs and numbness and became aggressive to survive. She attracted the most shadiest of characters and became homeless at 30. This time, when she went back to stripping, she was working in Las Vegas, the Sunset Strip, and the Inland Empire’s biggest strip clubs. She held on to keep a new apartment for her children and did the best she could when she wasn’t working to be a decent mother, but they were already traumatized. She tried everything to help her oldest son who was diagnosed with Aspergers, her daughter with Selective Mutism, a rare anxiety disorder and severe childhood asthma, and the youngest with severe eczema from anxiety.

 They were all in trouble. Their father tried to cope the best he could, but only had vicious fights with Barbara. She felt she was the truest sense of a victim. Yet in spite of everything, she preserved, marrying another man at 30, but only after she had been arrested and had been fighting for her sanity. She met a man she felt would be the answer to helping her to the next level, in many ways he ways. She had two more children and fought for 7 years with this new husband who was verbally aggressive. They got into many fights, too many, and she eventually left. She blamed the world, for her desperation.

 At the end of her rope, she had been going to Transformational seminars and workshops for the last 6 years of her marriage, and it helped her realize that she had value and she had a voice. That until now, no one ever listened to anything she ever had to say because she was considered a reject of society. She managed to learn the film business through her and her husband’s work as filmmakers, and they raised five children. It was very difficult to say the least. The children were very upset and anxious, and every day was a challenge, so she continued drinking. By the time she left him at 38 years old, she had suffered serious alcohol poisoning that almost killed her, and she stopped drinking immediately after fighting for her life for five days. She was concerned that she was losing her sanity from her difficult life and anger had consumed her. When she finally left her then husband,  she lived on her earnings from her entrepreneurial job as a internal marketing company. She moved from house to house, room to room, taking her children wherever she went.

 Through her marketing company, she met husband number five, a psychic medium from New York. She finally began a relationship that was not only healthy but thriving. Healing her wounds from the past she broke her belief of gender roles and learned how to connect with someone human to human not only man to woman. Barbara’s family had given up on her years before, so she moved again to start a new life, changed her name to Oriah, and began studying world religions. During her husband’s channeling psychic circles, she began listening to the powerful words of wisdom every week and meeting many people. From her new perspective, her eyes began to open to the deep sadness and anger many people carried. She was now able to see others not from her own hostility, but from compassion and love.

 She detoxified her body, mind and spirit for 3 years after which, she started a new career in life coaching, it was the natural stage as she wanted to help others who were desperate. She had anted to attempt suicide so many times, and was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder so many times that it became a joke. She tried anti anxiety medication, and didn’t like it, so she stopped after 6 weeks. Her valuable experiences and history helped form who she is today . Her passion and dedication to helping people not succumb to mental illness and depression was unmeasured. She did not want to see others go through what she went through, and she knew education was key. Not from a university, but from Awareness and knowing that anyone can choose their reality and turn their life around from the inside out.

 She began a mission to help women, especially, find inner peace,  through her own dedication and transformation. She shared her views and insights and began changing lives. Oriah and her husband opened their home to the public and moved to Malibu in 2012. Since then, they have received over 2000 visitors a year, not including many   private clients as well. Oriah’s clients blossomed. She started to realize that everything she had experienced in her life was not in vain, and she was going to show others, especially women  in domestic violent arenas how to overcome and heal their wounds and create their lives anew. She herself had experienced domestic violence, as she was raped multiple times. Terrified of men, she did not trust men until her last husband. Now she knew she could help many, many people in the world because of her story and miraculous personal transformation.

 This is a story of a woman who survived the odds, she persevered and won. She now is in development of a reality TV show with her husband and is a member of the United Nations Association, and Girl Up bringing attention to art and culture with a global message. She has dreamed big, but her dream isn’t stopping there. Now that her children are 22 to 8 years old and surrounded by a loving, caring family committed to their growth and success, she has begun the quest to reach as many women and men as possible. She has a passion for the injustices inner city women face, and for human rights and education for all. She is a powerful speaker and storyteller, and her intensive interventions have changed hundreds and hundreds of people’s lives. Her Life Design and Business Consulting company was created to further this work and help people reach their highest potential.

 Oriah’s mission is to reach as many people as possible, especially the uneducated, the underserved and the oppressed, with the stories, techniques, and unique system she has developed to help others realize and manifest their highest potential in life, no matter the odds or circumstances. Armed only with compassion and love for those that are suffering, Oriah intends to speak to many community groups and organizations, where she hopes her story is inspirational enough to change the lives of many more women.

 Oriah wants to document her journey to the speakers stage, as she hopes to help many people who feel they will never be able to ‘make it out’ of their own personal hell. She is living proof, and this story will herald her journey to the platform where her voice can finally be heard as she shares her stories and dialogues with the  audience on how they can improve their lives. She will not only share herself, but work with her audience in conversation to help them understand their own journeys and reach their dreams. This is a truly inspirational and heart warming journey of one woman who represents many, a woman who found her a power in her voice and used it.


If you are interested in supporting the ongoing education, and inspiration of women in need, domestic violence shelters, troubled teens you may contribute your donations or be a sponsor with your charity to bring attention and light to women’s rights issues. every person can help, there’s never enough to help to evolve our planet to the next phase. You help enlighten one woman, you enlighten a tribe. Women are a crucial and important facet of our culture and the role they play. Help me to continue to spread the information and the awareness of the condition women are in when they don’t know their own human rights and dignity. Be apart of the shift in global awareness.


You will be added to the film as a sponsor and put on all promotional material, many more collaboration ideas are welcome.

Will be submitted to many International Film Festivals

Contacting women’s organizations and human right’s organizations now.


CREATED & DEVELOPED by Oriah Mirza (member of the United Nations Association Resource & Development Pacific Los Angeles Chapter, Girl Up.)

Executive Producer by Oriah Mirza & Erica Pastore

Producer: Christy Calafatti

Music Donation: Riz Mirza, Mary Isis (website)

Co-writers: Oriah Mirza, Erica Pastore, Mellisa Salazar

Production Company

Oriah Productions in Association with Red Eagle Universal

Voice Between Worlds, 501c3

Founder Oriah Mirza

Bridging communities and borders through sharing transformational human experiences.



To support the funding of this important documentary, please go to

Crowd Sourcing support: go here

Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 2.57.14 PM
Indigogo Funding ends: December 13, 2014 11:59pm PST , go here

Go to Fan Page

Been There the Movie is Copy-written by the Library of Congress, 2014






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Oriah Miller

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Beautiful. 😇
Natural beauty of the Maldives

Maldives is very famous for its natural beauty which includes the blue ocean and white beaches, accompanied by clean air and pleasant temperatures. The climate of the Maldives is ideal for visitors to get engaged in water sports such as swimming, fishing, scuba diving, snorkeling, water-skiing. windsurfing and kite boarding.

The natural beauty of Maldives attracts tourist all over the world and every year, a large number of people visit this lovely place for many good reasons. So its tourism industry is today Maldives largest revenue generator.

Due to its extraordinary underwater scenery and clean water, Maldives is ranked among the best recreational diving destinations of the world. It was also reported to be the world's top honeymoon destination, according to a global survey by
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Oriah Miller

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Do you know anyone who has suffered domestic violence? Are you suffering from it right now? Are you needing support and need help recovering from traumatic life experiences? My name is Oriah Mirza and I would like to help you. I have experienced and made it through decades of domestic violence with five children. Domestic violence is not just physical, it is various degrees of emotional and mental. I have helped and coached many women find their sanity through the hardships of aggressive relationships and dangerous environments. I have been there myself, and I can show you that there is a way to live happily again in peace and a new sense of self. 

I am looking for 8 women, of any age and any background to be on camera in a safe and supportive therapeutic group setting for this important documentary. This documentary will help women all over the world and help prevent domestic violence for millions of young women. We will uncover patterns and beliefs that keep you in painful repetitive actions attracting the same painful situations. We will find your gold, your beauty, your answers that are within you.

Together we can make anything happen, women helping each other is a force of love that cannot be ignored. 

6 weeks of donated coaching time. 2-3 hour sessions once a week in a group setting, shot on location in and around Los Angeles and Malibu. 

We are looking to film in the next 2 weeks. Please email me at and go to and if you are interested. 

Thank you,

Together anything is possible.
Oriah Mirza is an activist who helps educate and enlighten women of all ages about self value in a simple digestible and real way that works. She helps them eliminate violence from their lives resulting in a fearless and peaceful existence.
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Oriah Miller

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How You Can Help Support This Film, and Support Other Women to Share Their Story 

There are so many people who reach out and ask me how they can help, that they really appreciate the effort of my helping bring Domestic Violence support and stories to film. They want to help in any way they can, here is a list of steps you can do to help keep us going powerfully. Thank you!

1. Share your personal story on my film page and my personal page and thank women everywhere who are doing this important work, it helps encourage women to speak.

2. Send my request to women you think might need free coaching for the film that you think would be interested in being in my documentary Been There.

3. Share the fundraiser or the film information, video’s etc on your FB. Share my posts on FB to your friends. 

 4. Come to the fundraiser in April 12th and bring your friends! There's RSVP on Pay Pal.

5. Of course, there is Indigogo where my deadline is almost up on Dec 14th to receive donations.

6. If anyone you know is interested in supporting film, as investor/producer please give them my email

8. If you know anyone in the media that would be able to cover the making of the film, the fundraiser, any the work I am doing with women that will help shed light and bring attention to the solution of domestic violence. 
An inspirational true story of a mother of five who succumbed to violence and addictions only to...
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Oriah Miller

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International Day to End Violence against Women, NOV 25
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Oriah Miller changed her profile photo.

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Oriah Miller

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Oriah Mirza is an Evolutionary Enthusiast who speaks on many topics, including mental health & well being, spirituality, evolution, self transformation, healing modalities, psychic phenomena, metaphysics, pop culture, religion and much more. Her successes with her clients span into the hundreds in just the last several years alone. Her background has been in intuitive transformation of the body, mind and spirit, after studying several modalities and herself having a rich history in religion, cults and breaking free.

 Screen Shot 2013-12-02 at 7.34.44 PM

She is married to Riz Mirza, psychic medium, trance channel, author and spiritual teacher. She is a mother of five children, her oldest son an accomplished scholar and an intern at NASA. She holds sessions weekly in her home with her husband in Malibu, CA. She and her husband are currently in production for a Reality TV show on their family and running a psychic-spiritual healing home where they raise their children.

She has been a transformational ‘life coach’ since 2008 as well as an independent filmmaker, co-producing 5 films, working on her 2nd book and building a strong speaking platform. She works with individuals and couples. She believes art and music is one of the most advanced forms of communication and is developing those talents. She believes communication is not only with language, but with reading the Being which all people have the ability to do.

“You are the home that you seek.”
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Film & TV producer
  • Life Coach
    Life Coach, Author, Film & TV producer, present
Basic Information
Transformational Coach and Speaker
Inspiration and motivation empowerment speaker Oriah Mirza. A passionate lifestyle consultant, Communication Expert, dedicated 14 years to mastering the ideology, Create Own Reality. Intelligent Creation. See new Documentary on her life!
Oriah Mirza

Intelligent Creation Consulting

Transformational coach and speaker 
Partner Psychic Riz Mirza 
Owner of Red Eagle Ranch


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