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Ori Zilbershtein
Works at 888 Holdings
Attended John bryce computer collage
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Ori Zilbershtein

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Ori Zilbershtein

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we would like to thank everyone that supported this moment. you gave your trust in us and now we are a thriving marketplace!
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Ori Zilbershtein

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"Fate whispers to the warrior 'You cannot withstand the storm.', the warrior whispers back 'I am the storm.' "
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Ori Zilbershtein

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Ori Zilbershtein

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Ori Zilbershtein

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You Are The Only One Who Can Save Yourself
Six years ago I never imagined I would be where I stand today, it took a lot of hard work, dedication and studying to be able to know the things I know about the search engine. Web marketing became a diamond in my life, A goal I need to achieve to learn, to investigate, whether it is social media, advertisement platforms, reputation management or Search engine optimization I am always doing research, always diving as deep as possible and gathering the best information and methods to do online marketing successfully. 

A core Principal of my work is preparation 80% execution 20% never fails. 

  • John bryce computer collage
    Search engine optimization, 2008
    Did the Full Search engine optimization course back in 2008, after that I was a teacher myself at the same course and in many other places.
Basic Information
Web marketing specialist
SEO specialist, PPC specialist, internet entrepreneurship, project managing.
  • 888 Holdings
    SEO Technical Expert, 2015 - present
  • Impera - Your link to success
    co owner, 2014 - 2015
  • Duran- WEB services
    Seo - specialist, 2010 - 2014
  • John bryce computer collage
    Instructor, 2012
    I was the lead instructor in the biggest SEO course in Israel, which took place at John bryce computer collage, courses were 3 months long with classes to up to 35 students, I gave them all the tools needed to be a decent SEO workers and all the tools needed to be A Master SEO independent contractor with big emphasis on how to think, study and research the market. The course was made as theory + practical work with a test and several Tasks to finish to gain the certification
  • Mofet Institute
    Teacher, 2012
    I used to do seminars up to three days on Web marketing and SEO to teachers and staff from the academy, Seminars were a focused tool to open the door for people to do their own web marketing and to teach methods and the practicality of the job
  • GNS web hosting services
    System Admin, Backoffice, Technical support, 2007 - 2008
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שיטה לבניית קישורים שעובדת ושורדת את שינוי האלגוריתם ששוטפים את גוגל, מאמר פרקטי שמציע שיטה לבניית קישורים שעובדת ב-100%.

בלוג קידום אתרים: עדכון גוגל Hummingbird - ממש ממש לא בישראל :)

קפאין (ששוחרר בשנת 2010). מעבר לעובדה שגוגל מעדכנים את האלגוריתמים שלהם בקצב מסחרר בשנתיים האחרונות, לעיתים בקצב יותר מסחרר משניתן לחקור לעו