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Google Partners eğitimleri devam ediyor!
Partners Akademi Takvimi ve Kayıtlar için:
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My highest score 243 on Pi: Bubble Shooter, Play now it's free!
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Our new game Pi: Bubble Shooter is available on Google Play now!
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Our lives are filled with micro-moments: intent-rich moments when we turn to the nearest device to find a store, buy a product or look for answers to all kinds of wants and needs. In these moments, today's consumers decide what to do, where to go, and what to buy.
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Selamlar Arkadaşlar,
Bu yıl üzerinde daha çok konuşacağımız bir konu olan "mobil" için Internet Retailer'ın hazırladığı 2015 Mobile 500 raporunu sizlerle paylaşıyorum.

Mobil dünyaya ait çok detaylı verileri içeriyor, (Amazon Mobile conversion rate 7%) incelemenizi öneririm.

Mobile 500 Raporu PDF:

İyi haftalar dilerim,
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Operation Green Christmas – Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil – Dec 22nd 2015.
"They did not know it was impossible, so they did it!" (Jean Cocteau / Mark Twain)

For quite some time now Enlightened players from Pernambuco, Brazil, had the idea of covering its capital (and surrounding cities) in several green layers. 
At first the task looked impossible. And it did look impossible, that’s why it received its first codename “Mission Impossible”. Hundreds of links and fields on the way, no more than a dozen players willing to accept the challenge, had been postponed several times.
This time we thought differently. It had to happen.@CaiOHawk’s idea had to go through.
@Murshella, @Crashburning and @Xorika took the lead. The initial goal was to cover the city with 19 green layers. We farmed 30 keys from both anchor portals. All that was left was cleaning the path… Not an easy task.
We formed teams, we had operators, a Zello channel and took to the streets. Apart from one green rookie player unaware of the operation that established several “wrong” links 30 minutes before checkpoint, we still managed to undo that and successfully created 14 layers and captured over 18.5M MU’s. And it took only 6 days to make it happen. The city never looked so beautiful… ;) 

Masterminds:  @Murshella, @Crashburning
Farming of the Keys:@Murshella, @Crashburning and @Xorika
Planning of the links:@Crashburning
Operators:@Barlaventoo, @SirSafir and @TiagoMarques
Fielders:@Murshella, @Crashburning and @Xorika
Olinda anchor team:@Jullyannars, @Thmiro and @Sidarta
Agents on the ground (clearing the path):@MusashiSensei, @Kbral, @PatoFu, @Xorika, @Dynhoz, @PamDornelas, @MaglorFefalas, @BekaLua, @daniedomingues and @Kemenoda

+Ingress  +Niantic Project  +Niantic +NIA Ops  +Anne Beuttenmüller  +Matilde Tusberti  +Susanna Moyer  +Caio Dias 
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I can't stop watching the gif!
Operation #53ShadesOfGreen #Sitrep (Op. Start: 11/14/2015 17:30)

Layers smallest to largest:

Tavşanlı - Kastamonu Çeşme - Kıyıköy 5 layered fields. 38.5 m MU
Kıyıköy - Tavşanlı - Kastamonu Çeşme 3 layered dields. 30m MU
Uşak - Kastamonu Çeşme - Kıyıköy 16 layered fields. 144.25 m MU
Denizli - Edirne - Kastamonu Çeşme 14 Layered fields. 170 m MU
Edirne - Denizli - Kastamonu Çeşme 15 Layered Fields. 185 m MU

In total: 53 layered fields and more than 565+ million Mind Units

ENL Agents:

Base link/Field/Layering

Tavşanlı :
+Necmettin Emir @ionymous
+Müjdat Şen @carotis
Uşak     :
baris kartal @KeskeBenimOlsa
sertac @Skatal
+Özgür Burak Dinç @Ozgurodun
+buğra şengün @KH4R0N
Denizli  :
+ilker demirli @Demirli
Edirne   :
+Deli Güllabicisi @deligullabicisi
Kıyıköy  :
+Berke Hitay @HiBerke
+Ömer Tarkan @Verwandlung

X link clearing

İstanbul :
+Sevinç Aydın @SiyahBeyaz1903
+sibel aydın @Svetlana1907
+Emre Günay @Gemolocco 
+Sinan Mercan @FelagundFinrod
+Alper ian @alperian
+Talha Kutlu @Talhamich
+Muhammed Talha Koç @akbaba22

Bursa    :
erhan belen @Apolyont
+Adnan Özdilek @Toothless13
+Zafer Helvaci @Vazgurol
+Mehmet Horoz @Yemyesil

Ankara   :
+üstün inanc bayram @inanc

Bartın   :
+Recep Ok @recmus

Tekirdağ :

Şarköy   :
+Şevki Murat Kaya @MrTave

+ßarıs USTUNSOY @Parthenios

Ilgaz    :
+İbrahim Erol @Zehir

Intel/Statistics/Communication :
+Cihad Cavus @ccavus
+Mecit Inceoglu @MrBinary
+Soner ÇONKARA @yolgezer
+Kıvanç Belen @EX4R 
+Orhan KURULAN @theoryginal
+Baran Sakallıoğlu @CTObaran
+gürol yetgin @gvitamini
+Emre YILDIZ @ElrohirIsilra

After the Mission Day in Istanbul, we were complaining about being rusted 

and talking about doing operation plans.

December 10,
Everything started @demirli's text to @yolgezer"We are rusted, let's move on. There is already an event in next week."
Draft plans were created, and even if, complex and challenging a master plan has been reached. With emergence of details after technical examinations, we clearly saw how challenging work was waiting for us.Time is too short, regions are so far, crossers are very hard. In some places, impossibilities, caused by 10 meters-links, were detected.
But we couldn't hold @yolgezer back, he said "We can do this!" then immediately started to gather the team in the same day.

Everyone was so excited along with the doubt of whether we could do this or not. But to mention this to each other was forbidden by @yolgezer:) We got motivated with a well-known reality "We done it together many times before, we could do it again. Unless we manage, we drink our tea, then turn back :)"

November 14th
And the operation day.
All equips took their places at 16:00 and made their preparations.

In center, our whole attention was on crosser links.
The hardest part of the first step was crossers. checking Intel in on saturday morning there was not a different scene from friday, even thursday. They were the same as they had been.
There was a silence at RESISTANCE side. Keeping an eye on them, we waited our agents who would destroy crosser links to take their places. The only operation we found risky was handled in Ilgaz/Çankırı on saturday by @Zehir. After that, Çeşme in Kastamonu was reachable for all the links we would create. (At least we thought like that) When we had a look in more detail, we saw two very short links we missed until that moment. Four portals in Bartın was there linked each other. These links were blocking our way to link to portal Çeşme, even though their lengths were just 20 meters.
By the time, we started to discuss about delaying whole operation 

@yolgezer had surprised and offered cancelling only layers of Akçakoca and asking @recmus to go for the crosser links in Bartın.Negotiations had been done in a rush and @recmus said okay. So our plan was revised quickly and we moved on. Our equip of Edirne behaved initiatively and @editurk joined the team for the crossers in Tekirdağ. They would bring @editurk to crossing links and take him on the way back from Edirne.

For the part of Denizli, agent who would go with @Demirli was @Parthenios. But they evaluated the situation by themselves and decided to divide. There was a need of an agent and @Parthenios stayed in Balıkesir.
Our plan was depending on getting rid of all crossers in 17:30.


In our plan, links from Tavşanlı to Kıyıköy was going very close to center of Bursa where portal density is high and a Resistance agent actively playing. When the plan was this huge, clearing this area became very important. 
On friday,@yemyesil went there and cleaned 10 crossers. Saturday morning, there were three new crossers.@Apolyont cleaned this area again at 16:00. Our agent of Bursa had covered that region twice in that week and fields stood two days. When Resistance destroyed this cf they builded a crosser link from a portal which is @Toothless13's grasp and this link was killed in 17:30. At last few minutes a new link builded from Yalova to Bursa and @vazgurol quickly handled it.

Silently, link between Uşak and Kastamonu destroyed and the region was ready for the operation.


There were two portals, far away from each other, should be destroyed @Editurk's performance was astounding. He succeded just in time.

@MrTave was ready near the portal to open the way of Edirne to Denizli.


A small corridor was opened perfectly.


Agents waiting patiently syncronized perfectly and destroyed crossers just in time.

Just after the crossers fell down, action started in every regions. Firstly, the base link builded in Kıyıköy to Çeşme. Our Agents succesfully applied the plan by creating control fields from Kıyıköy, Tavşanlı, Uşak and Edirne, Denizli one by one.

Starting with hundreds of questions in our mind, We completed the operation according to our main plan and reached 550 million Mind units.

Thanks for all supporters and Enlightened agents all over the world who are working hard to spread the world and enlight the world step by step.

This is the best until We do better !!

#Enlightened #53shadesofgreen #53layers #istanbul #turkey #ingress #fieldop #megafield #550m #denizli #edirne #tavsanli #kastamonu #team #friends #travel

+Ethan Lepouttre 
+Anne Beuttenmüller 
+Brian Rose  
+Pooja Srinivas 
+Matilde Tusberti 
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Google AdWords Shopping kampanyalarında yeni reklam modeli olarak "Shop the Look"!

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Google arayüzünde sağ alanda reklam göremezseniz ya da üst alanda 4 reklam görürseniz şaşırmayın!
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Google has been testing four AdWords ads since 2006 and recently stepped up those tests in late 2015. Now, according to Search Engine Land, Google has confirmed that they are switching over from show
Kerem ALAÇAM's profile photoOrhan KURULAN's profile photo
Birkaç sektörde üst alanda 4 metin reklam gösterimi uygulamasının canlıya alındığını görebiliyoruz. Arayüz değişikliği daha önceki aylarda belirli yüzdelerde test ediliyordu, paylaştığım makalede de görüleceği üzere artık yüksek oranda kullanılıyor. CPC etkileri üzerine fark ettiğiniz konular olursa buradan paylaşabilirsiniz.
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Şirketin büyüklüğünden bağımsız yönetim odaklı yapısal değişikliklerin geçen yıl Matt Cutts da olduğu gibi liderlerin çalıştıkları ortamla organik bağını bozduğunu düşünüyorum. 
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Beethoven'ın başyaptılarını düzenlemesine yardım edin #GoogleDoodle
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Orhan KURULAN is a Digital Strategy & Marketing Manager, contributed many e-commerce projects since 2004. He is experienced in SEO.
HTML5, CSS3 and decoded Shakespeare's Sonnets.
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