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Notes and todo lists in plain-text.
Notes and todo lists in plain-text.



• Display notes with more specific times first when sorting
• Fix resetting notebook shortcut on some launchers
• Fix state cycling with multiple done-type states defined
• Fix styling words at the end of the title


• Support emphasis and monospace
• Display notes count in the list of notebooks
• Hide number of content lines (new option)
• Display cut, paste and move buttons in action bar (moved from overflow)
• Display book's last action error in subtitle
• Fix brief appearance of white window on app start when using dark color scheme


Few smaller things:

• Fix sorting of times for reminders
• Open app from widgets by restarting task
• Use 1h from now as default time in timestamp dialog
• Display Cut and Paste icons in action bar if there is enough space


• Reminders
• Widget for saved searches
• Widget for notebooks
• s.none and d.none search expressions
• Separate header and content with an empty line (new option)
• Sync after new note is created (new option)
• Sync button in ongoing notification
• Sync status notifications
• Fix using Dropbox URL with trailing slash
• Shift times of notes without state when marked done


• Support for .t search operator
• Display inherited tags in search results (new option)
• Default notebook when sharing to Orgzly (new option)
• Persian translation
• Turkish translation
• Few syncing speed optimizations
• Support for using root folder as a Dropbox repo
• Exported SyncService for starting it from outside the app
• Fix “Fold/Unfold All” button sometimes not being displayed
• Fix searching for tags when inherited tags are used
• Fix corrupted properties in note on rotation


Various smaller fixes and improvements.


Black theme (battery saving), working links for making calls (tel), texting (sms) or opening maps (geo) and few more smaller improvements.


Quick note creation from notification drawer and more.

Clone it, watch it, star it, fork it.

Source code for the app is now available on GitHub:

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• Clickable external links in notes' list (both title and content)
• Additional font size (slightly larger then default)
• Configurable location of notebook name in search results
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