Aries Ingress 2014 USA Moveable Sign Rises (4 Charts)
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March 20 - June 21 2014

Weather Report
The spring weather will be moderate and pleasant with a much needed return of moisture in the air and rain for the land. This will reach an abundance of waters in the North and Northwest, to the point of saturation and will ebb-and-flow through June. There will be an abundance of water, misplaced, mis-handled and at inappropriate times and places. I predict much rain in the early Summer months with increased heat in August/September, promoting a return to fire and smoke in the West. There will be deaths from frigid winds and airs in the winter months following the Capricorn Ingress.

Lord of the Year: #Jupiter  rising in #Cancer  or the #Sun  in #Aries   /10th
The discussion of who should be the Lord of the Year will be varied among traditional astrologers. Two Exalted planets in the angles in an applying square make bullying candidates. The Sun is in a Superior Square to Jupiter and both are within 5 degrees of their respective cusps. With a Diurnal chart I am inclined to give Lordship to the Sun, though Jupiter is strong and will remain Exalted in the rising sign through the next ingress, making him the Lord of Summer. Either significator portends an uplifting year, power and opportunity supported by initiative from the ruling class and dignified persons. There will be some struggle for all parties involved, two powerful parties will compete for prominence, a public figure will contend with a scholar. The spring and summer will be filled with opportunistic displays of abundance despite the common peoples’ suffering. Spending will increase, foreign investments will rise and we may see the embargo lifted from #Cuba  before next spring.

Significator of the King: Sun in Aries/10th
The King is strong in the year. He pushes forward with his own objectives and initiatives with some objections from the People, who will forgive when granted reprieve from the Laws. He will be opposed publicly by a foreign nation under the rule of #Capricorn  though only in words and ideas.
His allies will be seen among his enemies, though they lack the strength to overcome.

The Malefics are Retrograde. #Mars  is the Lord of the Luminaries. #Venus  indicates Death in the Year

The People: The #Moon  is ruler of the Asc and general indicator of the common people. The Moon is in detriment in Scorpio/5th separating from an 8th House Venus to #Saturn  in #Scorpio .  There may be a raise in deaths among women in the nation. The People will be saddened by the death of a strong matron. Perhaps a soldier or politician, she will have been an intellectual and opinionated. This will push some into depression. In response to their depression the People will seek occult and destructive pleasures. The common and the poor will suffer and some disease will become prominent through June and may have lasting effects until the #Libra   #Ingress .  Turbulent and toxic waters affect those living in the North.

Jupiter rises in Cancer >5deg from the Asc. The People will have a social burden lifted from them. Justice will be applied and the dignified will rejoice, this may occur after the Cancer Ingress, but the discussion is happening now. Laws may be lightened and magnates will mingle with the People. Christianity will rise among the masses, as will Philanthropy. Mystics will move among the aristocratic. The People may produce a Spiritual Teacher.
These effects will be seen, heard, and felt among the learned and the opportunistic mostly.

Mars in Libra casting square to the Asc and Opposition to the 10th.
Lord of the Luminaries positions.
Foreign and Domestic relations are strained. There will be vicious debates in public buildings and spaces. The King debates with Exalted Public Figures.
Malefics rule the 7th and are in the 10th and 11th from the 7th in both the Aries and the Cancer Ingresses.
Foreign Nations are corrupt in the year. They offer little assistance to the People of the United States and remain embroiled in many internal conflicts. (see relevant International Ingresses) Both Malefics are retrograde indicating frustrated efforts, Mars is in fall in the 10th from the 7th opposed to the Sun in the 10th. War will continue to be seen in many lands, allies will combat with each other. This will be felt in those countries where Mars or Saturn are rising or culminating in the Ingress.

#Mercury  - Business and Commerce will be given to over-promotion and marketing. There may be fortune in this as concepts become more valuable than material resources. The youth will seek religion and spiritual expression.
Nationwide Harvests will be Lower than Average. Tourism will increase, many patents will be filed toward greater innovation.
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