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Clear Your Clutter Series

A Comparison of using OrangeTree Deals versus Craigslist to post items online

Clear your Clutter

If you have cleared your clutter from your home and have lots of stuff to sell off and earn some money then the next big question is  where and how you are going to sell them.

There are many websites which provide their users with the opportunity of selling  itemsto try and get the best price. It may be difficult to find the best suitable site from where people should deal.   Doing some research will help you find the right fit for you.

It is said that one person’s loss is another person’s gain.  Every individual is checking out a location where they could sell off their treasure of items from cloths to vehicles etc.  Many decide it is not worth the time and take it either to the charity or off to the dumpsters.

Now the time has come when you could earn some benefit from your used items and sell them off on sites without resorting to filling up the landfills.  In Modern scenario’s you just need to take a photo and post it on a marketplace site.  Sites where the users could have a look into the products and see if it fits their needs then they could contact them to list their item. Some of the sites which offer these services are- Craigslist, eBay, OrangeTree deals and many more. In this article we are going to look at and compare two free sites Craigslist and OrangeTree deals.

Craigslist is one of the sites which accept posting of items from clients/vendors on their websites.  The website does more than post items to buy and sell it has categories such as Community, Items wanted, personals, housing, services and discussion forums. It was Craig Newmark who began the services in 1995, which was considered as an email distribution list of friends which featured in local areas and for events at San Francisco Bay area. It has experienced tremendous growth and crossed  50 countries by 2000.

OrangeTree Deals is another site which is similar to marketplaces like eBay, Craigslist, Yebhi or many more.  It also caters to different categories like Antiques, Arts and crafts, Art work, Beauty and Healthy, Books, cell phone, coins and currency and many more.  Based in Orlando Florida, OrangeTree Deals continues to grow its users and marketplaces.  They focus on bringing local deals of buyers and sellers together.  OrangeTree Deals is different than Craigslist in that it has users which have a verification ranking which gives more comfort to the users and reduces the risks of anonymity.  It is a community where the neighbours can present what items that they want to buy or sell. A nice feature is that by focusing on bringing local buyers and sellers together items don’t need to be shipped and can be picked up saving shipping costs.

OrangeTree Deals is a new comer to the marketplace in 2013 and was founded by Russ Wasendorf Jr. who came from 25 years in the financial and online trading industry.

Considerations and Comparisons

Before deciding which marketplace to choose for selling or purchasing you should consider important points like target location.  Suppose if you are looking for products or items to be sold locally in your neighbourhood then you should stick to OrangeTree Deals as they are dealing with local buyers and sellers.

In OrangeTree Deals you can browse items without having a user account however if you want to sell or purchase any items then you have to get registered on the site.

Whereas in you don’t have to set up an account to contact someone to buy or sell and item that is list.  You are only required to register if you are posting an item.  Once you post an item on Craigslist you can easily modify your listing similar toOrangeTree Deals. is very straightforward and simple in design.  Even though it is not very visual you can post pictures on the site of your items that you wish to post.

In OrangeTree, users can post items with their pictures so that the buyers could get an idea that what the product looks like. Buyers can contact sellers to finalize their deal according to their needs.  Customers have the option of searching their products without wasting much of time. The products which have been added on the website have a good description displayed so that users have the option of checking the details before purchasing the product. Images can be posted from multiple angles so that the buyer can get a better view and insight of the product.

Further users can link their Facebook profile and can post images they wish to sell on Pinterest a visual friendly social media site.  Users also get the option of interacting with other customers who have purchased or advertised their products via OrangeTree Once the feedback has been presented on the site it helps other customers also to have a look and get an idea that how the site is working with respect to the deals.

Each marketplace has its difference strengths.   If you are looking for a free place to sell locally and avoid the hassle of arranging shipping with users who have a verification rating then OrangeTree Deals is a good solution for you.

If you are looking to sell your item to buyers around the world for free that may be anonymous than Craigslist can be your solution.  Craigslist sign up is available at  and OrangeTree Deals is available at or follow on Facebook at
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Clear your Clutter Series 

OrangeTree Deals compared to Craigslist available now

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