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Helping grow better nonprofits.™
Helping grow better nonprofits.™

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New Blog Post! How to Stop Chasing Your Nonprofit Board and Start Getting Things Done

It’s tempting to think of a nonprofit board as a monolith, a group of people who will move in lockstep at your command. But the reality is far from that.

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How to Feel All Caught Up Every Day

Here's a simple way to enjoy the enormous sense of relief you get from feeling all caught up—every day.

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New blog post! Are you giving yourself enough time to be successful?

The answer lies in whether you’re merely satisfied with your results, or are regularly blown away. If you’re not consistently improving on past performance and repeating your wins, you may not be giving yourself enough time to be successful.

#businessprocessimprovement   #nonprofits  

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New Blog Post! A Thoughtful and Systematic Approach ti Nonprofit Work

Achieve calm confidence in nonprofit work by adopting a thoughtful and systematic approach like the SLOWER Framework.

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New blog post! Why nonprofits should stop using social media.

Never before has it been so easy for such large numbers of people to discover, discuss, promote, and support your organization.

So why would anyone ever consider not using social media to help promote and grow their nonprofit?

#nonprofits     #fundraising   #marketing  

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*New blog post! How to make the most of your nonprofit board's end-of-year fundraising.

When planning fundraising training for boards, many assume the best use of time is to focus on “ask training,” to develop and rehearse an “elevator pitch,” or to go over talking points.

This is almost always the wrong approach!

#fundraising   #nonprofits  #boarddevelopment

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New Blog Post: No clue what you spent donor money on? No problem!

Ultimately what your donors are concerned with is funding the mission, and they want to understand how you’re using their gift to do just that.

Here are four key elements for doing this effectively...

#fundraising #nonprofits #donorcommunications

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How to never miss another project deadline.

Most people’s reaction to having a lot to accomplish in very little time is to jump right in and start doing tasks as quickly as possible in order to start checking them off the list.

This is almost always the wrong thing to do.

#organizationaldevelopment   #nonprofits   #projectmanagement  

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New Blog Post:  Why You Really Don't Want Increased Awareness

Setting a goal of increased awareness is a lot like deciding to go on a road trip without any idea of where you’re going.

#Nonprofts   #Fundraising   #marketing  
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