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Ultra-Realistic Sample Libraries for KONTAKT

Orange Tree Samples was founded on these fundamental principles:

- To produce high-end sample libraries that sound virtually indistinguishable from a live performance. We achieve this by following best practices in the recording studio, capturing the subtleties that most other commercial sample libraries overlook and custom programming that ensures each library is enjoyable and intuitive to play from a midi keyboard or other device.

- To bring the same passion we have for creating exceptional quality, playable sample libraries to the Orange Tree Samples customer experience. We love what we do and we think it shows in our products and our customer service.

- To maintain reasonable prices on all sample libraries. We believe that professional quality sample libraries should be accessible to all musicians, so we price our libraries accordingly, often far below that of competitive quality libraries.

Company Overview

Orange Tree Samples was founded by CEO Greg Schlaepfer, a professional musician, composer, audio engineer and sample developer who has been designing sample libraries for other companies for the last decade.


What's the Deal with the "Orange Tree" Name? Did You Guys Grow Up in an Orchard?

We think the old magic tricks were the best. They used the simplest mechanisms to portray amazing illusions, and they did it all live. No camera tricks, stage changes, or paid audiences--just a hidden mechanism and a bit of flair, while the magician poses on stage looking like a real genius.

One of our favorite tricks is the “Orange Tree Illusion”. This is where the magician claims mastery over the forces of nature, and after some build-up and possibly some “magic formula,” he brings a full grown orange tree out of the empty pot, complete with real fruits hanging from its branches. This trick is not only one of our favorites, it also makes a very good analogy for how we work here at Orange Tree Samples.

We create the mechanisms and clockwork gadgets that enable you to perform your own personal magic. They take the pain and hassle out of composing and performing, the obstacles to inspiration, by providing you with cleverly programmed, accurately sampled, and highly playable libraries. The result is more time for you to focus on what you really care about, making music, instead of programming or studying manuals, while your audience hears a pure, organic sound, as realistic as a real orange tree.

So, now you know the story behind our name. When you play Orange Tree Samples libraries, you’re not only playing libraries of outstanding quality and excellent sound—you’re playing libraries that were thoughtfully named.
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