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Elance: It Pays To Be An Oracle-Certified Contractor 

Thanks to the growing demand for online freelance workers, Oracle-certified experts like Benjamin Gould are rolling in gold.

Based in Buffalo, NY, Gould uses the popular online work website Elance to freelance for companies in need of programming for their Oracle products. Because the work is all done online, Gould is able to contract for companies in the U.S., Canada and even internationally.

“I love the freedom of working on the projects I want,” he notes. “And if you do a good job, the sky is the limit.”

Oracle-Certified experts are highly-demanded on Elance and the website provides many opportunities to showcase your Oracle credentials and rise to the top of talent searches. In your online Elance profile you are able to list your Oracle certifications and include Oracle skills as keywords for clients who are searches. You can also list the Oracle groups you’ve joined, and take free Oracle skill tests to further validate your know-how.

Gould notes that freelancing gives him the opportunity to work on interesting projects he might not find in the corporate world. “I earn money while keeping my skills up-to-date by working with the latest tools,” he explains. Ben Gould has completed several Oracle-based projects as an online contractor, including leveraging his Java Certification to work on Oracle GlassFish Server projects.
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Hi, a couples of weeks ago i sent a mail to ''
and i got no answer yet, well i'll take the chance to make the questions in my mail here ;) 

Copy -Paste from Mail :

Hola que tal,

Mi nombre es Alejandro Diaz y tengo una pregunta:

Hace un año (mas o menos) tome un curso con develop para la certificación Java Programmer 6, obtuve un certificado oficial de Oracle y el curso fue impartido por un profesor reconocido por oracle

El nombre del curso es Java Programming Language, Java SE 6

1) Este curso me sirve para la certificación OCM Java Developer?
2) Tiene fecha de vencimiento el curso? Es decir, que después de cierto tiempo deba tomar de nuevo el curso por que expiro?
3) En Guadalajara donde puedo comprar un voucher para la certificación OCM Java developer?

Y ya de paso, por favor revisen el numero 01 800 214 0697 por que estuve tratando de llamarlos pero 
El teléfono parece no existir.  El numero lo obtuve de su pagina de internet para México. 

mi correo personal es

Hi Alejandro, Thanks for the feedback. I have forwarded your questions to the appropriate education team and will ensure you receive a prompt reply. If you need to contact me I can be reached via

Once again, many thanks for providing feedback.
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