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For conversion optimized Magento ecommerce website design: #digitalmarketing   #websitedesign  
Alvomedia digital marketing agency has launched their inhouse Magento platform Ecommerce website design services for online retail businesses
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That's good to know, +Lina L!
We have one #MagentaSEO #ECommerceContentMarketing Client, (we only do Boutique-Style Organic SEO Content, Social Business Engagement Campaigns-- entirely customized, lower volume/higher quality long-term, integrated, holistic /comprehensive #OrganicSEO #ContentCampaignStrategy )
The point is that we do occasionally need a Magenta Site (re) Designed/Developed, and I don't have a regular Magenta or Joomla or general Ecommerce Freelancer/Independent Contractor Des+Dev...

So, although it's not a frequent occurrence, when it does occur, our typical client campaign constantly evolves through multiple phases, over multiple years, and *always requiring continually evolving creatively bold innovation and reinvention, yet always grounded in strategically innovative data science, mathematical modeling, and sound, empirical #KPI #Metrics & #Analytics.

Anyhow, I didn't intend to make this all self-promotional, 😏 just to let you know a little bit about how we do things—lower quantities but higher qualities, low turnover of clients, but long term, with deeper involvement, etc...
So, although I can't say when an opportunity will arise, I am always developing potential working partnerships with the best available people, so when a new client does need our help, we bypass the recruiting process hassles, and go expeditiously straight to Campaign Strategy, Architecture, Tactical Innovation, Projects Coordination, ... Synergistically #IntegratedWebPresenceOptimization
#Optimized Campaign Direction!
For conversion optimized Magento ecommerce website design: #digitalmarketing   #websitedesign  
Alvomedia digital marketing agency has launched their inhouse Magento platform Ecommerce website design services for online retail businesses
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Internet Marketing Service, Marketing Consultant
Internet Marketing Service
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It's simple, because it's difficult.

...It's The Answer to: How can OPTIMIZED Digital Marketing truly benefit, and add substantially greater value to our Organization?

The Facts are: finding an exceptionally Technically gifted, experienced, Creatively innovative Search Engine Marketer, or Organic SEO, or Local SEO Specialist is very difficult. 

Finding an extraordinary Interactive, Relationship Marketing + Brand Development Strategist is very difficult.

Finding an amazing Optimized Content Creator + Social Media Engagement Strategist + Social Business Model Expert is very difficult.

The answer is simple: OPTIMIZED Digital Marketing, LLC is One in a Googol! 

OPTIMIZED Digital Marketing can do for your organization what no other Agency or Group of Agencies can do!

If you are interested in learning more about how OPTIMIZED Digital Marketing; Founder + Managing Director Jeff Stefani,  can assist, consult, guide, lead, augment, catalyze, and Optimize your comprehensive success in any venture that requires: Brand Awareness, Search Engine Traffic, Social Media Engagement, Baseline + Continual; Qualitative + Quantitative KPI Metrics + Analytics Interpretation, Application + Adaptation; grounded on the Bedrock Foundation of World-Class, Industry Expert; Technical Sciences + Creative Arts + Social-Behavioral-Communal-Psychologies of **Organic Search Engine Optimization/SEO, Search Engine Marketing/SEM, Social Media Marketing/SMM; a Progressive, Cross-Platform Social Business Model that is, profoundly Intelligently Informed, Holistically Integrated, Assimilated, Infused + essentially Macro-Micro-Systemic, Synergistically Interdependent with: Interactive, Direct, Digital, Social, Search, Optimized Content + Relationship Marketing, Branding Theory, Strategy, Methods, Applications + Tactics; then, Please, contact me directly! 

OPTIMIZED Digital Marketing, LLC's Founder + Managing Director Jeffrey Stefani with over 10 years of experience at the Executive Director Level; over 16 years of experience in Direct, Interactive, Online, Digital Marketing Campaign Strategy + Management; and over 14 years of professional experience specifically in Search Engine Marketing - SEM; Search Engine Optimization - SEO; and Social Media Marketing - SMM.  Relationship Marketing, Social Business Culture/Model Strategy, Brand Development/Management (Everyone; everything, every Person, Product, Service, Community, & Organization *is* a "Brand"), Optimized Original Content Marketing, Email Marketing, + Strategic Email Database Development + Integration; Website Usability Organic SEO Specialist (although I do practice Paid Search, and am an AdWords Certified Professional, I do not rely on "Paid Search/Digital Advertising" for optimal, sustainable success)

 "Local SEO" (Which is not simply relevant to "Local Businesses/Organizations," but is, in fact, essentially composed of: "Online Reputation Management ORM," particularly in incentivizing Positive Reviews & Citations, Social Media Engagement + Social Media Signals, including SEO/SEM/SMM, plus "Organic SEO." 

  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed, or FREE!
  • Web-Design & Usability, Google AdWords, Keywords Research, PPC CPM, A/B-Testing, Webmaster Tools & Analytics, Mobile, Branding. Affiliate & Email Marketing, Blogs & Vlogs 
  • White Hat/Best Practices SEO: "With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility" • Never Been Penalized by Any Search Engine!
  •  Quality Link-Building Strategy: We Use Professional Writers, Industry Expertise to Create Valuable, Relevant, Content then Formulated into Irresistible "Link-Bait" 
If a Picture is Worth 1,000 Words, Then a HD Video is Worth a Million! (And an 1080 HD Video SEO is Worth a Billion!)
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"Of course this wouldn't be possible if our service wasn't extraordinary."
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Roger Wilco
a year ago
Our first year in business progressed well, but then it plateaued, and soon we struggled to locate or attract new clients. One of our cofounders is a skilled Techie/Web Designer, and she built us a beautiful website, and we have all been "Social Media Marketing" with our personal and Company accounts on Facebook and LinkedIn, prior to launching our company, and soon followed Twitter, Google+, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest. A mutual friend introduced us to the owner of Optimized Digital Marketing, LLC, and after our first conference with Jeffrey Stefani at Optimized Digital Marketing/ODM, we realized how our whole Internet and social media marketing theory was faulty, and our strategy was backwards! We learned more about "why" and "how to leverage the power of the Internet, search engine optimization, and social media engagement" in our meeting than during the past two years of practice! It all made perfect sense, we immediately adopted a new Digital Marketing and Brand Development theory and strategy, built a Database of actual and potential clients, automated our email database and marketing, and focused on cultivating Relationships and Epic Content Marketing. Our progress has been incredible! It has been less than a year, our revenue flow improved approximately 300%, our firm has grown, and continue to expand to meet our client-base. Of course this wouldn't be possible if our service wasn't extraordinary. We wanted to form a new kind of Human Resources & Counseling Group because we all felt that there was a need for the kind of service we offer, and we were right! However, before we hired ODM to partner with us, and help us connect with our niche, it didn't look like we would be in business long enough to realize just how right we are about Human Resource Counseling. Thank You, Optimized Digital Marketing!
• • •