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Little known SEO Tip - Fresh content is preferred over older content

Little known SEO tip - The physical location of your server matters!

SEO Tip #7 - Your website needs to be mobile friendly. Rankings are significantly influenced by your mobile experience and content.

SEO Tip #6 - You can do your own SEO. Almost everything is doable with the right teacher. We help clients take over their SEO if needed.

SEO Tip #5 - Your website design and content are critical for SEO. Everything must be relevant to your industry focus/keywords.

SEO Tip #4 - Backlinks aren't always good. Quality is more important than quantity.

SEO Tip #3 - Duplicate content isn't ALWAYS bad. Republishing quality content on your site is not as damaging as implied by some "experts".

SEO Tip #2 - Bad SEO hurts more than zero SEO. Hire only a qualified professional...not charlatans who spam email for their marketing.

SEO tip #1 - Don't unreasonably chase viral content. The RIGHT type of advertising is more important to SALES than simply viral content.

There are tons of misconceptions about SEO. In the next few weeks, we will post 7 little known facts that will keep you up-to-date.
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