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Color and N1 to be revealed on September 23. #OPPON1
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I was hyped for the note 3,but I have to say I am much more anxious for the N1 since I found out its gonna be a phablet!
I love the open mindness, your open sourceness and the effort of your company to work with devs and encourage development, mods and hacks for your devices, it's amazing that you guys aren't taken away by the "big bang" of the smartphone era and just over price your devices like other companies do! It shows respect for your costumers.
I am really careful where I put my money, I like companies to be fair to their workers as well as their costumers!
I will never support an organisation that perpetrates unfairness, exploitation and in some cases even slavery (cough apple) of their workers.
I really hope I can support oppo and become your costumer in a near future and, I will if the N1 is within my financial grasp! 
P.S: +OPPO should lower the price for the Find 5 like Nexus 4 when Find 7 come out, (which is late next year) that way you attract new customers, and then they can trust such a company!
Guys n1 should be cheap (comparable to nexus 4) so that many can buy and expand oppo reach world wide 
So 2 phones will be released on 23 September? Interesting to say the least..
+Sander Lesage I think Color refers to the Color ROM +OPPO was working on. I guess it will be released for the Find 5 and the R819 that day aswell?
Nah... Don't think so, oppo N1 should be like itself, have its own features, not saying they shouldn't share features with other devices, but this being their first big phone it should deliver its own, different user experience...
I think that's what oppo bets on, letting users decide what they want their experience to be like and making their wishes come true with help from devs and the android community overall, and that's almost as awesome as unicorns. (nothing is more awesome than unicorns) 
Make it two! Put it on ash's tab xD 
Favorite thing about my find 5....its extremely sexy body...knowing oppo's style I can assume the N1 will follow suite. 
Hello +OPPO please make a high end dual sim fone. There are a lot of people who want dual sim fones but not the mid range crap thats available right now. 
+Eppu Haavisto I don't think of it like that... It's just a phone for the average Joe, the common user, not the geek or the Dev or the power user...
Android is also about variety, there's a phone for everyone's taste and needs! 
Like the name implies, two sim cards at once, no need for a second phone
Looking forward to it!!! ;)
+Eppu Haavisto I was hoping there would be multiple versions not just the hspa+. It isn't a big deal if it doesn't because I don't even have LTE in my are yet, but I will in the coming months.
This phone 350 I'll buy maybe 400 but price need to be low
+Eppu Haavisto iPhone is one size fits all...
But I rest my case, you've made up you mind, it's your opinion and I respect it. 
this is going to be my next phone if xiaomi relese mi3 with normal camera.
Very disappointing if it doesn't support LTE.
+Sander Lesage No, the N1 is a new phone while Color is our customized version of Android.
+OPPO will you guys be at IFA 2013 Berlin?? 
Looking forward to it! Will it work with Tmobile 3G? Even if no LTE.
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