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OPPO is attending the very first XDA:DevCon in Miami. We’ve prepared this video so you can learn more about how the +CyanogenMod team ported CM to the Find 5. Will you be there?
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+OPPO again im impressed, you guys just continue to propel forward with excellent momentum.
Absolutely love your designs. Its time for you guys to take on international markets.
+Tarandeep Singh Indeed. I would be very happy if Oppo went in to work with service providers in Europe.
At least they sell the phone for a good price already. When the time comes, I will take a very good look at the current Oppo flagship.
I'll be there! Thanks for this very special opportunity to meet the team and to share a weekend with you guys! Very much looking forward to meeting everyone! :)

I will unfortunately not be at DevCon for a variety of reasons, I do wish I could have made it - I will be at the +Big Android BBQ though.
Yup.  I hope Oppo makes it to the BBQ.  As to why the rest of the Find5 maintainer team isn't in the video - I'm a bit camera shy when it comes to videos.  I wanted to make it to Devcon, but there were just no viable flights that wouldn't involve me having to take too much time off from work (remember, I do Android stuff in my spare time, it is completely unrelated to my day job).  The area I live in is a real pain in the ass to fly in/out of.
+Michael M Will it be in Texas again or will it always take place in Tx for that matter? Sounds like a delicious event regardless though. 
Austin.. or just outside I forget
It will be in Texas for the foreseeable future, and Dallas is where they are doing it this year again
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