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This is what you have been waiting for. The OPPO N1 will be available for purchase starting from December 10, 2013. #OPPON1
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I'll buy it . just need $600
Just in time for a giveaway! (from me)
I'd love to get one of your phones, but no LTE is the killer. Maybe next phone.
Fantastic!  Thanks for the official info.
+OPPO  what US Carrier bands does the N1 support? I wold love to get one but in my rural area sadly all I get is Verizon which seems to never get the cool phones. Please advise?
+Felipe Serna  True, up here in Canada, I had to switch to Rogers, because my carrier said the won't work with my N1.
I'm using AT&T right now, but I also have a T-Mo sim that it works with here in the states.
+Peter Blanco The N1 supports 850/900/1800/1900MHz GSM frequencies and 850/900/1700/1900/2100MHz WCDMA frequencies.
+Benny McKeon  if it was an option I would go  ANYWHERE else, but literally all I get is Verizon so I have to choose Verizon or nothing.
Send my Christmas gift to Canada please!!! 
+Felipe Serna The fact that +Peter Blanco can only get service from Verizon where he is has to do with towers and antennas, as you are aware. Problem is there's a lot of politics involved. Local planning boards and communications officials are the reason for other companies not being able to to expand. The towers are already in place, and its easier to add a +T-Mobile antenna to a tower that holds antennas for the big V... But there's permits, leases, backhauls, and back pockets to be dealt with.

+T-Mobile has the right idea. If they can go to the town officials with a list and tell them +Peter Blanco wants service, John Smith wants service (and John is a volunteer firefighter, him having adequate service would benefit the community), and so on and so forth... The chances of cutting through red tape are better.
It's not like a petition. It's a targeted approach to improvement.
Nick L
If you figure out how to get it to work for Verizon customers I'll buy one.
Considering the hardware specs, I reckon a $100 price drop would compete with Nexus 5 much better. 
I was waiting for this phone and I tried using my nexus 4 with no lte and I just couldn't do it. Had to get note 3. Sorry oppo. Maybe next phone.
HTC One and Nexus5 are phones (and nice ones, at that...)

But given the N1's size, wouldn't it be a phablet?

And taking into account it's a phablet, wouldn't it be about $100 less than a Note3 (competition in the phablet category) ?...
449€ is too much for my wallet, but it's certainly  cheaper than Samsung and Sony for this kind of hardware. It's only big minus it lack of LTE. And my personal minus, it's too big for my pocket!
Wow, 50 euros less than the Nexus 5 here in Finland. Hello N1, my next phone. :) 
+Daniel Bainton indeed, in many countries where Google doesn't sell directly the Nexus it can't compete with other manufacturers, re-sellers add up to 100€ or $ to its price. 
J.Y Li
Finally ..,
Mason A
Omg Omg Omg. 
+OPPO What about the 32gb version, how much will that cost, and will it also come on sale the same day? 
I knew what I wanted!
I assume it'll be available in the UK at those converted prices... +OPPO
+OPPO Malaysia will getting it? How about pricing in Malaysia?
+OPPO I have a question... If i flash CM on this phone, is it posible to get back on Colour OS? Or is it one way?
Wow!!!!!! Can't wait!!
Please people.  This is freedom.  It is true, that it is a little expensive, but in the end it is less expensive than having a two year contract.  And it has cyanogenmod in it.  What else can you ask.

Thanks +OPPO, I will buy it.
For a snapdragon 600 I find the price to be steep. This is a tough one for oppo, I wish them the best and I feel that they should re evaluate their strategy.
The price is a little to high IMO in compare to Note3 4 example... Not so sure about this, but i will still be watching...
+Leslie Schmidt HSPA+ is more than fast enough.  Most people I've seen begging for LTE are Verizon users - CDMA2000 topped out at something like 4-6 Mbps, HSPA+ goes up to 21, and DC-HSPA+ (supported by +T-Mobile but not AT&T) goes up to 42.  I'm 90% certain the Find5 and N1 both support DC-HSPA+

I personally use AT&T - Their HSPA+ service is more than fast enough.  In fact in my area, LTE isn't any faster because AT&T hasn't upgraded their backhaul yet.
I think 600 is a reasonable price for the quality phone that you will get. 
Телефон действительно прекрасен, спасибо.
Could have done better with the price. 600 for a device with a Snapdragon 600 SoC? Nooooo
Snapdragon APQ8064
+Matevž Petrič Yes, it's possible. We're making it really easy to install both ColorOS and CyanogenMod.
+Andrew Dodd You are more than welcome! We're excited to see it running on the N1. :)
+OPPO I would really like to know when the 32GB version will be available in Europe? 
I'm waiting: it's the 10th december and i can't order my precious (N1) :D
That's something I would like to know as well :S
International 32g comes out Dec 19th
I want to know where I can buy one x)
Simon This app doesn't work with cyanagenmod edition.. I've tried it a 100 times :)
Flash TWRP, then flash supersu to get root.oppown only works with ColorOS.
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