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+CyanogenMod for #Find5  is becoming very stable and more and more Ofans are installing it every day. If you’re looking for a pure Android experience with some useful added features, this is the ROM you’re looking for!
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Corey M
+OPPO I thought +Andrew Dodd needed a more updated code from you guys.. or Qualcomm, or something to that effect.
Don't own an +OPPO  device, but I love seeing that they encourage you to do what you want to your phone. Wish the GSM carriers in my area had better service so I could get one. I doubt +Verizon Wireless will ever get one...
If I ever switch to another manufacturer, I'd choose OPPO, even thou I've been a loyal Sony user for the past decade.
Enjoying Color ROM, but keeping an eye on Cyanogenmod as I love the pure experience. Also great a company advertises other ROMs.
Please work with Verizon and get a device on their network in the us. (This is my wish)
I love cm on my oppo. Only cam picture quality should be better, but amazing work anyway +CyanogenMod .
+Corey M Nothing i really NEED from Oppo - there are things that are "nice to have", but the truth is what I need is time - Much of the slow progress on CM on the find5 has been solely due to +Guillaume Lesniak and myself both being very busy this summer with non-Android-related things.  (He's got a really nice internship, I've been just plain exhausted for a wide variety of reasons, none of which are Oppo's fault.)
Corey M
My mistake +Andrew Dodd I thought I had read there was some pieces missing
Does the slow-motion camera and the burst mode also work on cm? Easy Cover?
Oh and camera is stock Android. And it doesn't have those modes. But if you add a more feature complete camera they should work.
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