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Just a short 30 years ago Hitachi developed and announced the very first 1MB memory module for personal computers. This might not seem much nowadays but back then it was a big milestone. How much RAM does your computer have?
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One has 3GB, two have 4GB, another has 8GB, and yet another has 12GB :) Hoping to upgrade the 8GB to 16GB soon!
24 GB. Used to have 26, gave up 2 to supplement a second PC.
2 gb :P but do plan to bring that up to 8 or 16 gigs ddr3.
Your making me feel old haha the good old days 
32GB .......... Now I feel dumb for complaining about the power and speed...
My ZX-81 still has 1K ;) (and my other ZX-81 has a 16K expansion :p )

My phone has 3GB RAM (!)
24gb (thinking of upping to 48gb as I use for VM's), 16gb, 8gb, 8gb, 8gb, 8gb.
Memory is so expensive compared to 1 yr ago.
I often run 4-8 VM's at the same time. Cant do performance tests without more memory or my own SAN though.
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